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More Great Letters to the Editor in Southwest Papers!

Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is an excellent way to raise awareness about critically endangered Mexican gray wolves and the steps needed to help them thrive. Surveys of newspaper readers show that the letters page is among the most closely read parts of the paper. It’s also the page policy-makers look to as a barometer of public opinion.

Several excellent letters written by lobo supporters have been published recently!
These letters provide an opportunity to submit letters of your own, so please read through them and then write one to the papers they appeared in.
Albuquerque Journal
June 20, 2011
GOV. SUSANA Martinez and the N.M. Game Commission have decided to drop state support for the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Program. Once again politics trumps wise conservation policy.
When wolves were killed off in Yellowstone Park, the entire landscape there was nearly ruined. Deer multiplied hugely, and ate every green sprout or sapling in sight. Erosion was rampant, the streams were filled with mud and species disappeared rapidly. But wolves were reintroduced, and now the land is beginning to heal.
We live in a desert environment, so it won’t look the same as in Yellowstone. But a land without wolves will be damaged. Watch the rodent population soar — yes, wolves eat rodents, lots of them — and the range degrade. Coyotes will try to fill the ecological niche, but they can’t replace wolves completely.
No doubt Martinez will get more votes from a few ranchers who understand little about ecology and preserving the environment we all live in. Her obedient — and ignorant — Game Commission appointees will enjoy their perks for a couple more years. And we all move a little closer to a world where our grandchildren try to survive on dead land and asphalt.
Not that you, reader, care about future generations. Or do you? Maybe you should speak up.
Jemez Springs
ON JUNE 6, the N.M. Game Commission voted 6-0 to withdraw from the Mexican Wolf program. I understand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service paid the state approximately $1,250,000 since 1999 to be a partner. I spoke with Dan Williams and R.J. Kirkpatrick with New Mexico Game and Fish, and they said the employees and lost revenue would be absorbed by the state.
Gov. Susana Martinez wants to reduce government overhead. Does she know about this lost revenue and added burden to taxpayers? The majority of New Mexicans want the wolves in the Gila area. The wolf reintroduction program will go on with or without us.
Let’s reverse this action and show the country we know how to do the right thing and keep the federal support. We can’t afford this.
I READ IN the Albuquerque Journal that Gov. Susana Martinez appointees to the state Game Commission all voted to suspend the department’s participation in the federal Mexican gray wolf recovery project. This seems to be typical of Martinez appointees. Voters looking for change often forget that most Republicans couldn’t care less about the environment, protection of endangered animals, and the needs of the majority of people with the exception of their very well-off campaign contributors. That is how it has always been.
If you disagree with what I am saying, I would appreciate being shown that I am wrong.
Many thanks and congratulations to these talented and dedicated letter writers-your letters make a big difference in the effort to protect and recover our lobos!
Please take this opportunity to help Mexican wolves by writing your own great letter to the editor!
Your letter will have a better chance of being published if you start by thanking the Albuquerque Journal for publishing the letters above and if you keep it brief. You can write about the tremendous importance of Mexican wolves to the natural balance, why they are important to you, and agree that New Mexico and Governor Martinez need to support Mexican wolf recovery. Don’t forget to include your name, address, and phone number at the end. And remember, even if your letter doesn’t get published, it can help someone else’s letter supporting Mexican wolves get in.

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