165 weeks since last adult wolf release!
Lobos of the Southwest

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In the News: Captive-born Mexican wolf pups doing well

White Mountain Independent - June 22, 2018 - Your letters are needed!

In the News: Cross-fostered wolf pups may emerge from dens soon

Albuquerque Journal - June 21, 2018 - Your letters are needed!

In the News: UA Genetics Research Verifies Purity of the Mexican Wolf

University of Arizona News - June 21, 2018

In the News: 8 Pups Being Fostered by Surrogate Wild Wolf Parents

US News & World Report - June 20, 2019

Press release: Groups call for Forest Service to cancel permit of welfare rancher who killed Mexican wolf

WildEarth Guardians & Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter - June 8, 2017

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