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In the News: Wolf Sanctuary Shuts Down After Devastating Storm Damage

by Elisa Hahn, King 5 News
TENINO, Wash. — The 82 acres are home to almost 50 wolves. Most of them rescued from
private owners and sometimes horrific situations.
“Being able to bring them here and watch them thrive and be able to live out their lives in
sanctuary is really rewarding,” says Wendy Spencer, animal curator at Wolf Haven International
in Tenino.
But last week, this sanctuary turned into a maelstrom of falling trees and collapsing fence lines.
“[The wolves] were so busy dodging falling limbs that they were ripping around and trying to
stay out of harms way,” says Spencer. “So it was really really scary for them.
Only three enclosures escaped damage. The fiber optic surveillance system is also down. The
final bill for repairs could be over 50 thousand dollars.
Wolf Haven International is also part of a federal species survival breeding program. With
February being breeding month, Gallegos is worried they won’t get their habitats cleaned up
and back to normal in time.
For more information about Wolf Haven International and how to help, here is a link to
their website.
As of July 31, 2011, Wolf Haven was home to a dozen Mexican wolves, according to the
studbook. Some may have been moved elsewhere since then, or more could have arrived.
Those are the latest figures we could find.
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