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In the News: A Need for Wolves

Humans and wolves are both predators. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that an ecosystem can only sustain one or the other. Humans should use their higher intelligence to find a way to co-exist with wolves, because wolves are an important component of the natural ecosystem that is the American West. Until ranchers, hunters and conservationists work out their differences, the gray wolf should remain under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. Humans nearly exterminated wolves and did eliminate them from the West for 100 years, and some would like to finish the job. But wolves are important to the West. They keep elk moving, which improves riparian areas and allows beavers to build better habitat for native trout and other native fish. Nature’s design includes wolves.


In addition to the short editorial piece above, the Salt Lake Tribune recently published an article about Utahans’ support for wolves. You can submit a letter to the editor to the paper here, mailto:letters@sltrib.com thanking them for their coverage and expressing your own support for wolves.

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Photo credit: James S. Wood

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