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Great Letters to the Editor in Southwest Papers!

Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is an excellent way to raise awareness about critically endangered Mexican gray wolves and the steps needed to help them thrive. Surveys of newspaper readers show that the letters page is among the most closely read parts of the paper. It’s also the page policy-makers look to as a barometer of public opinion. 

Several excellent letters written by lobo supporters have been published recently!

These letters provide an opportunity to submit letters of your own, so once you’ve read them, you can write one to the papers they appeared in.

Las Cruces Sun-News
June 15, 2011


I was disappointed to learn that Gov. Martinez and the New Mexico Game Commission suspended its Mexican Wolf Reintroduction program. Scientific research has proven that the restoration of wolves can have profoundly positive effects on the environment through a cascade of interactions which increase the diversity of life across natural landscapes.

Wildlife biologists are anxious to learn how restoration of the highly endangered Mexican wolf will affect ecosystems in the Southwest; but so far, there are simply too few wolves; they need to be restored to more natural populations before their ecological benefits can be noted.

Unfortunately, Gov. Martinez and the game commission succumbed to the political pressure of special interests and ignored the voice of the people of New Mexico who overwhelmingly support the reintroduction program. As one who frequents the Southwest often to observe and interact with its beautiful natural landscape, I strongly urge Gov. Martinez and the game commission to reverse its apparently misguided decision and continue its participation in the restoration of wolves to New Mexico.
National Wolfwatcher Coalition
New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Santa Fe New Mexican
June 15, 2011


Last Thursday, the New Mexico Game Commission made a truly bad decision to cease the state’s participation in the U.S. program to reintroduce the Mexican gray wolf to the wild lands of New Mexico and Arizona.

Gov. Susana Martínez selected the new commission, and it reflects poorly on her, the state and the ranchers who have worked so hard to foster fear and eliminate the few wolves, numbering about 50, remaining in the wild. The Wallow Fire probably claimed more.

The Mexican gray wolf is a keystone species, keeping the ecological balance in nature. Its near-extermination in the last century resulted in havoc along the rivers and in the forests, as the wolf keeps in check the herds of elk, deer and other wildlife that can easily proliferate without them. Gov. Martínez should reverse this decision before this endangered species is wiped out forever.

Santa Fe

Many thanks and congratulations to these talented and dedicated letter writers-your letters make a big difference in the effort to protect and recover our lobos!

Please take this opportunity to help Mexican wolves by writing your own great letter to the editor!

Editorial links for the papers that published the letters above are:

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Santa Fe New Mexican: http://www.santafenewmexican.com/Opinion/

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