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Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) has introduced an amendment (SA 3164) to the Senate Energy Bill (S. 2012) that would permanently strip away Mexican gray wolves’ Endangered Species Act protections with only 100 wolves left in the wild.

2015 was the first year that the wild population of Mexican gray wolves reached over 100. With this amendment, Flake is trying to push one of the world’s most endangered wolves, already teetering at the brink of extinction, over the edge. No credible scientist or agency has ever argued that the future of these rare wolves could be ensured with a population of only 100.

Please call your Senators now and urge them to fight Flake’s wolf extinction amendment.

You can find their contact information by entering your address at https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members

Sample phone message:

My name is … I am a constituent and I am calling to urge [Senator Name] to strongly oppose amendment SA 3164, the lobo extinction rider introduced to the Senate Energy Bill by Senator Jeff Flake.  Mr. Flake’s rider calls for the delisting from the Endangered Species Act of the Mexican gray wolf or lobo, the rarest gray wolf.  At the last official count there were only 110 Mexican gray wolves in the US, and fewer than 25 in Mexico.  These animals need more protection, not less.

Mr. Flake’s reasoning appears to be that the lobos have met the interim goals of the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s 1982 “Recovery Plan” — but that plan itself states that those goals are inadequate to recover and delist the wolf. The Service stated in the Federal Register that “100 wolves, was not enough, and still is not enough, to delist the Mexican wolf.  “¦  Conservation of this species certainly requires more than 100 wolves in the wild.”

Mr. Flake’s attempt to delist a species on the brink of extinction must be rejected.

Thank you.


Thank you for acting on behalf of these endangered wolves who cannot speak for themselves. Please share this information widely.


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