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Seventh Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest Results

We are happy to announce the winners of our
Seventh Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest!

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade participated in the contest in teams or as individuals. Altogether, 147 contestants from around the world submitted 116 entries that included art or essays along with the names the contestants chose. From these, 21 names were chosen as winners to name the 21 pups born in 2018 who have been collared and recorded by the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team.

An additional 30 names were selected as runners up, whose name selections will be assigned to pups if and when additional pups are collared.  The remaining entries all received honorable mentions.

The contest judges had a very difficult task. Entries were ranked based on a combination of the pup name, the art or essay, and the reason given for the name. It was evident that a great deal of thought, creativity and passion went into the entries we received. These young people and their teachers and parents give us hope for the future of Mexican gray wolves and we think that they are all WINNERS!

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love,
We will love only what we understand,
And we will understand only what we have been taught.”
~Baba Dioum

We would also like to give a special thank you to the parents and teachers who encouraged these children to participate in our contest.  We hope that you all have learned a little more about the beautiful Mexican gray wolf and will join our efforts to save this critically endangered animal.
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Names Assigned to Collared Pups Born in 2018

Iron Creek Pack
female pup 1721
Submitted by Lia T., Nellie Brown, & Lucy Collins
7th Grade

Prime Canyon Pack
female pup 1823
Submitted by Nerissa Oriana Genocchio
4th Grade

Frieborn Pack
female pup 1702

Submitted by Andrew R.
6th Grade

Iron Creek Pack
male pup 1710
We received two submissions with this name.
Nara P., 6th Grade
Abbi Friggens and Clara Scherzinger, 6th Grade

Luna Pack
male pup 1831
Submitted by Team Ace Ehrhart, Tyler DeFeudis, Jack Baird, & Maddox
7th Grade

Dark Canyon Pack
male pup 1717
Submitted by Andrew S.
6th Grade

Prime Canyon Pack
male pup 1790
Submitted by Team Straube – Harrison, Luke & Bennett
Kindergarten & 2nd Grade

Pine Spring Pack
female pup 1794
Submitted by Maggie McCarty
7th Grade

Elk Horn Pack
female pup 1696
Submitted by Harrison Straube

Pine Spring Pack
female pup 1825
Submitted by McKenna W.
7th Grade
Prime Canyon Pack
female pup 1791
Submitted by Nimuë Liana Genocchio
2nd Grade

Lava Pack
male pup 1715
Submitted by Luke Straube
2nd Grade

Iron Creek Pack
female pup 1712

Submitted by Team Gabi M., Sienna Yang, & Ye-Ji
7th Grade

Maverick Pack
female pup 1828
Eleanor Wilhelm
6th Grade

San Mateo Pack
female pup 1834
Submitted by Aubrey Campbell
7th Grade

Elk Horn Pack
male pup 1695
Submitted by Team Veronica T. & Gwen Stanley
7th Grade

Prieto Pack
male pup 1827
Submitted by Team Asher T. & Sean C.
6th Grade

San Mateo Pack
female pup 1822
Submitted by Lexie Draper
4th Grade

Saffel Pack
female pup 1792
Submitted by Debbie P.
5th Grade

Elk Horn Pack
female pup 1697
Submitted by Brooklyn
5th Grade

Hoodoo Pack
male pup 1789
Submitted by Saharah King
2nd Grade

Saffel Pack
female pup 1833
Submitted by Ruby M.
6th Grade


These names will be assigned
to future collared pups from 2018.

You can click the wolf pup names to see the actual entries.

Adolfo — Submitted by Team Brody P. & Simon C., 6th Grade
Aspen — Submitted by Max Y., 6th Grade
Clark — Submitted by Rea S., 6th Grade
Crescent— Submitted by Skyler Vellenga, Kindergarten
Estrella — Submitted by Avery A., 6th Grade
Faith — Submitted by Aunika H., 7th Grade
Fuerte Juntos — Submitted by Gerald P., 6th Grade
Full Moon — Submitted by Bennett Straube, 2nd Grade
Janus — Submitted by Ma’ayan B., 6th Grade
Juniper — Submitted by Mattie L., 6th Grade
Kapok — Submitted by Ralph Nicholas King, 2nd Grade
Kitchi — Submitted by Team Juli C. & Charles S., 6th Grade
Koda — Submitted by Ainsley C., 6th Grade
Kóh — Submitted by Caitlin V., 6th Grade
Lucero — Submitted by Ada K. & Hazel W., 6th Grade
Luna — Submitted by Chloe Steen, 7th Grade
‘Luna’ was also submitted by Leah L., Elise A., Isabel R., and Kate H. (all 6th Grade)
Lyka — Submitted by Sam S., 6th Grade
Mowgli — Submitted by Team Sierra A. & Roland G, 6th Grade.
Nakawé — Submitted by Isabella T., 6th Grade
Ponderoso — Submitted by Steven S. & Max R., 6th Grade
Rascal — Submitted by Lenora Irons, 3rd Grade
Renate — Submitted by Isabella Q., 6th Grade
Storm — Submitted by Camryn K., 6th Grade
‘Storm’ was also submitted by Sophie G. and Mix W. (both 6th Grade)
Terra — Submitted by Maddie T., 6th Grade
Thorn — Submitted by Alana C., 6th Grade
Totoro — Submitted by Team Tony E. & Trosper K., 6th Grade
Valiente — Submitted by Walker O., 6th Grade
‘Valiente’ was also submitted by Michael H., and Team Claire P. & Bella C. (all 6th Grade)
Wolfie — Submitted by Theresa Bennis, 3rd Grade

Honorable Mentions

Aja — Submitted by Team Isa A. & Jacob A.
Alpha — Submitted by Hussain Khader
Animo — Submitted by Team Hyrum Madsen & friend
Arcania — Submitted by Nick C.
Aurora — Submitted by Team Dylan P. & Silas D.
Avea — Submitted by Rosemary C.
Azul — Submitted by Nick C.
Baileyi— Submitted by Aidan B.
Bilbo Baggins — Submitted by Team Abel Maravilla & friends
Billy — Submitted by Rex Fisher
Bluf — Submitted by Sofia S.
Cassity — Submitted by Team Reid M. & Sophia S.
Chief — Submitted by Team Miquela K. & Stella (Sophia) L.
Daydream — Submitted by Charlie
Ekon — Submitted by Peyton W.
Fang — Submitted by Marc T.
Fid — Submitted by Ava D.
Forest Gump — Submitted by Team Izzy Gurley & friends
Grace — Submitted by Lily M.
Gracie — Submitted by Sophia Z.
Grey — Submitted by Ashton D. Sollis
Greyson — Submitted by Isabela Patricio
Gypsy — Submitted by Cadence B.
Hunter — We received two submissions with this name.
Submitted by Austin P. and Macy K.
Koatohee (Ko-Uh-Toe-Hee) — Submitted by Torin Wright
Lán sè — Submitted by Caterina S.
Leal — Submitted by Daisy Kollmorgen
Liam Chase — Submitted by Jenna Claire K.
Maka — Submitted by Sophia Fisher
Mamske — Submitted by Sam Miller
New Grey Mask — Submitted by Diggy E.
Night Wolf — Submitted by Team Cole W. & Wyatt Knight
Orion — Submitted by Team Alexis Knobel & Alayna Dazley
Perdu — Submitted by Ethan Mensing-Bruno
Piñon — Submitted by Carmen M.
Quantum — Submitted by Team Wyatt W. & Anton J.
Quinta — Submitted by Luke L.
Rain — Submitted by Kira Jackson
Rebound — Submitted by Aiden C.
Remus — Submitted by Talia C.
Rosa — Submitted by Zahraa Z.
Sage — Submitted by Julian L.
Saturn — Submitted by Team Abigail O. & Maddie N.
Scout — Submitted by I. Anderson
Senor(ora) Espiritu — Submitted by Ava Archer
Spoke — Submitted by Team Max W. & Oliver T.
Tallulah — Submitted by Kayhaan M.
Thunder — Submitted by Tatum L.
Tierra de Lobos — Submitted by Miranda H.
Tivaci — Submitted by Sophia A.
Tundra — Submitted by Ella H.
Ulemu — Submitted by Haley
Vanilla — Submitted by Mason N.
Wolf — Submitted by Sophia Adams
Yellowstone — Submitted by Mia B.

For the most recent Mexican Wolf Blue Range Reintroduction Project Monthly Update with information about these pups’ packs, CLICK HERE.

You can view all of the entries here:

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