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Recent Changes and Updates to the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Website

The US Fish and Wildlife Service posted two new photo albums of Mexican gray wolves on their website. Photos include wild wolves in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area as well as wolves in captive facilities.  https://www.fws.gov/southwest/es/mexicanwolf/ to enjoy the photos.

Another recent update to the FWS website is the addition of a Mexican Wolf Population Statistics page.   They have added bar graphs, pie charts, and other various sets of stats, including releases and translocations, causes of mortalities, reasons for management removals, etc.

We do however suggest that you take some of the tables and graphs with a grain of salt, as not all of the facts are not presented. For example, in the pie chart on “Outcomes of Mexican wolf management removals from the Blue Range population,” the pie chart shows 77% of the removals as temporary removals.  However, if you read the footnotes to the table itself, you’ll see that the 77% includes, among others, six dependent pups from the Hon Dah pack removed in 2006. What is not mentioned is that the six pups were removed before their mother was caught and removed for livestock depredations, were killed by a surrogate father at Sevilleta on the same day as their capture.  Unfortunately, we would consider these six dead pups to be permanently removed.

Numerous other wolves that were “temporarily” removed have died in captivity, or remain there, including several of the 2007 Saddle pups.

https://www.fws.gov/southwest/es/mexicanwolf/ to see the Mexican Wolf Population Statistics presented by the Fish and Wildlife Service.
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