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Press Release: National Wolfwatcher Coalition

National Wolfwatcher Coalition, Inc., a new nonprofit organization [501(c)(3)], announced its inception on May 20th, 2011 in honor of Endangered Species Day. As a grassroots organization, we appreciate and depend upon the continued interest, support and participation of people across the nation who seek to learn about, appreciate and protect this remarkable apex predator.

Our mission includes advocating for the recovery and long term survival of the gray wolf, the Mexican gray wolf, and the red wolf by providing educational opportunities to various stakeholders, supporting the work of wolf conservation programs across the nation, vigorously supporting all local, regional and national organizations which share our goals, and being a strong, consistent and responsible voice to the government agencies and lawmakers who are charged with protecting wolves and maintaining sustainable habitat conditions for wolves.

Please visit our new website found at www.wolfwatcher.org to explore our mission as well as the variety of educational resources it provides about wolves. We also encourage you to visit often for exclusive wolf-related news. Of course, supporters can also find us on Facebook’s “WOLFWATCHER” page.

 We invite everyone to join our mission in promoting wolf conservation so that, collectively, we understand, love and protect the wolf in America ~ now and forever.

Board of Directors, Officers and Advisers
National Wolfwatcher Coalition, Inc.
Mr. Dave Hornoff, Board Member, Co-President, East Coast
Mr. Marc Cooke, Board Member, Co-President, West Coast
Ms. Maggie Howell, Board Member
Ms. Cynthia Minde, Board Member and Treasurer
Ms. Diane Bentivegna, Board Member and Secretary
Mr. Adam Markey, Outreach Coordinator to Universities and Colleges


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