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New Film Project: The Last Pack

Mexican gray wolf advocate Alan Lacy, with his partner Dean Cannon, has set up a new website to promote Mexican gray wolves and garner support for a Mexican wolf video project, “The Last Pack.”  The website describes the project as:

The Last Pack: A Return to the Wild, explores the conservation efforts of the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program. The film team will attempt to capture footage of the most endangered wolf in the world, to tell its story and assist in the recovery of the Mexican gray wolf.  Currently, only fifty-eight wolves roam the wild, making it imperative people know and understand the important role these wolves have in their environment. Through compelling cinematography and dedicated characters, the film will show this critical message of the wolf’s story. The Last Pack: A Return to the Wild, is more than a film, it is an attempt to restore the balance of nature back to the lands of the American Southwest and Mexico where the Mexican wolf, the Lobo, once thrived.

The website includes a great Mexican wolf photo gallery and has information about lobos, with links to other resources, as well as a Wolf Blog.

Click here to visit The Last Pack and learn more about this project.

Photo courtesy of Moxfyre

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