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Lobo Crafts for the Howlidays

Want to include wolves and wolf awareness in your surroundings this season?

We have two simple howliday ideas featuring the wonderful artwork of Asante Riverwind, who graciously gave permission for us to use his winter wolf creation for this purpose!

Lobo Luminarias

You can make beautiful lobo luminarias easily with an electric votive or tea candle, flashlight, or other electric light source.

Just print out the image on plain copy paper. Click here for a pdf of the image at a good size for a tealight or votive luminaria or a card.

If you want to play with sizes for a coloring page or other uses, click here for the jpeg.

You can use the image as it is, or add color, glitter, etc. 

Roll the paper loosely around the flashlight or electric votive or tealight candle and tape it together at the bottom base.

Turn the light on, place it on a table, shelf, or windowsill and voila! Lobo Luminarias!

Canis lupus Cards

These simple cards are fun and easy for kids to make!

Print out the Winter Wolf artwork by Asante Riverwind. The same size as above will work well for a card.

Cut around the border.

Fold a piece of red or green construction paper or any other paper you want for your card in half so that it forms a card.

Glue the artwork to the card front.

For extra color, use crayons, markers, glitter, colored pencils or paint to decorate the artwork.

Write your message on the inside and you’re done!

Happy Howlidays!

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