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Letters to the editor: Defenders of the endangered Mexican Wolf 

Kudos to the five writers whose letters below supporting Mexican wolf recovery were published recently in the Palo Verde Valley Times! Tips and talking points for submitting your own letter are at the end of the post.

Dear Sir or Madame,

I would [like]to thank the Palo Verde Times about their article regarding the first Mexican wolf pups to be cross fostered in the wild (Times; Mexican wolf conservation achieves two major milestones; Aug. 13, 2014). The success of this project is a tribute to the individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting these endangered animals.

While we have cause to celebrate much work lies ahead in the coming days. We need to ensure public opinion and support for these pups’ future. Public support for these animals will provide a safe future and the implementation of the following measures:

1. The US Fish and Wildlife Service should work to allow more wolves to be introduced into the wild thus strengthening the genetic pool for stable population growth.

2. Prohibit the killing of these critically endangered animals. Presently only 90 exist in the wildlife and each life is essential for the future.

3. The creation of new preserves in the wild with safe corridors will allow these animals to maintain strong population growth and safety for their pups.

4. Wolves must be deemed essential. Mexican wolves like other wolf species have an important part in the natural world. If the balance is disturbed other ecological problems may develop.

Once again I thank you for your article of praise and support on behalf of Mexican Wolves. It is my wish that millions of Americans will join in the crusade to protect these symbols of our natural heritage.

Alessandro William Ciccarelli
Bristol, Connecticut


The recovery of our wolf populations, as well as protection of our environments is essential and I’m glad to see that the government agencies are doing something positive. I’m glad to see an article that outlines and publicizes the necessary support. Thank you.

Beverly Walker
Kingsland, Texas


My name is Faith Kindred. I am 13 years old, and I am interested in helping save Mexican Grey wolves. I would like to thank the paper for publishing this article.

There are less than 90 Mexican Grey wolves, and being that they are the most endangered species of mammals in the U.S., I think that makes them worth fighting for.

There are numerous captive breeding facilities that have wolves that are ready and awaiting the chance to be released into the wild and be free as they were intended to be. We are the ones who came into their land, took away their freedom, and just expected them to stand aside as their homes were either taken away, or destroyed.

Yes, it is true that they attack innocent people and livestock, but, these wolves are being attacked by us just as much. This is important to me because I believe we all have a purpose, and the Mexican Grey wolves have a purpose too, and they deserve to fulfill it. Thank you.


Faith Kindred
Parker City, Indiana


Thank you for publishing the article on Conservation of Mexican Wolves. I am a mother and lover of all animals. I am concerned that my children will grow up and these majestic animals will be extinct. I believe that US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) should move forward with allowing new wolves to be released throughout the larger area proposed. The Mexican gray wolf is the most endangered mammal in the U.S. with only about 83 in the wild. Additional wolves must be released into the wild now to increase the genetic health of the species. Numerous wolves are in captive breeding facilities around the country, prepared for, and awaiting, release.

USFWS should not allow more killing of critically endangered wolves. The draft proposal will push Mexican gray wolves towards extinction by allowing many more of them to be killed under all kinds of justifications. With fewer than 90 in the wild, every wolf is important. These native lobos need more protections, not less. Please help these animals. We are their voice and their future. Thank you for your time.

Christy Thomas
Crossett, Arkansas


Thank you for taking the time to publish this article to promote the grey wolf in Mexico.

As a mother and a lover of nature, I feel strongly about the balance of the natural world.

Wolves have lived for centuries, maintaining a balance. I feel it would be an injustice to the wolves to allow more of these animals to be killed!

There are so many people speaking for tge wolves, as they have no voice of their own. Please listen to these people!

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Yours sincerely,

Catherine McNeary
Manchester, England

These letters were published in the Palo Verde Times

Do you want a future with wolves?

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responding to these letters, and influence decision-makers and thousands of your fellow citizens. Tips and talking points are below, but please write in your own words, from your own experience. Don’t try to include all the talking points in your letter.

Talking points

  • Start by thanking the paper for publishing these letters.
  • Wolves once lived throughout Arizona and New Mexico and played a critical role in keeping the balance of nature in place.
  • Wolves need freedom from boundaries. Under the current rule, Mexican wolves are trapped if they go outside the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area. The USFWS proposal does not propose to reintroduce wolves into new areas, but rather to allow them to roam throughout a larger area. The wolves will establish themselves in suitable areas with adequate game. They will naturally avoid places with high densities of humans and low prey availability. USFWS must change the rules that do not allow wolves to establish new packs and populations in additional areas that are essential to their recovery.
  • Polling has shown repeatedly that the vast majority of Arizonans support wolf recovery. An ever-growing body of research shows that wolves are key to restoring wild places, and wolf-related tourism can bring significant income into communities.
  • People who care about wolves have an important opportunity to speak out for their recovery through September 23, 2014.Comments can be submitted electronically here:  http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=FWS-R2-ES-2013-0056-6056.  More information can be found at mexicanwolves.org.
  • USFWS should not allow more killing of critically endangered wolves. The draft proposal will push Mexican gray wolves towards extinction by allowing many more of them to be killed under all kinds of justifications. With fewer than 90 in the wild, every wolf is important. These native lobos need more protections, not less.
  • Additional populations of Mexican wolves north of I-40 are necessary to their recovery and genetic health, as is the ability for wolves to move between populations. Capturing and moving wolves because they roam beyond an artificial boundary is always a risky business that can result in death or trauma to the wolf.

Make sure you:

  • Thank the paper for publishing the letters.
  • Keep your letter brief, between 150-300 words.
  • Make your letter personal. Don’t be afraid to use humor or personal stories. Include something about who you are and why you care: E.g. “I am a mother, outdoors person, teacher, business owner, scientific, religious, etc.”
  • Provide your name, phone number and address. The paper won’t publish these, but they want to know you are who you say you are.
  • Submit your lettehere.


With fewer than 90 Mexican gray wolves in the wild, US Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to make changes that could push them closer to extinction or finally help them thrive. The decision will be made in the next few months and they need to hear from you!

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