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Wildlife, Conservation Advocates Welcome New Fish and Wildlife Service Director

Scientists Urge Course Correction on Mexican Wolf Recovery

Who's Afraid of...the Big Bad Wolf?

 When it comes to New Mexico’s recovery program, the real fear is the wolves won’t be saved

Groups Seek Federal Probe of NM Wolf Pup Deaths

Conservation groups asked the federal government Thursday to investigate the deaths of three endangered Mexican gray wolves found dead in southwestern New Mexico.

Wildlife Service To Allow Predator Wolf To Remain In Wild

“A decision to remove this wolf … could be detrimental to any potential population gains”

Endangered wolf allowed to stay in wild

Endangered Mexican gray wolf with 8-week-old pups allowed to stay in the wild

Female wolf is no longer leader of the pack

Bluestem pack Alpha Female heads out on her own

The Southwest Environmental Center Announces 2009 Mexican Wolf Essay and Art Contests

A great opportunity for students to learn more and express themselves about the Mexican wolf!

Mom’s Wisdom Could Save Mexican Wolves

Failure to remove livestock carcasses can result in the deaths or removals of wolves

Judge sides with environmentalists in wolf case

A lawsuit filed by conservation groups to protect Mexican wolves is still alive.

Opinion Poll: Southwesterners Love Wolves!

Residents of Arizona and New Mexico overwhelmingly support having Mexican gray wolves back in the wilds of their state.

Breaking News!

Court Decision Rejects Government’s Attempt to Block Mexican Wolf Recovery Cases

Elk Population Not Impacted by Wolves

Wolves not harming elk numbers in Gila National Forest

Gray Wolf Population Stayed Same in ’08

Number of breeding pairs down due to illegal poaching

Mexican Wolf Population Stagnant, Killings on the Rise

Illegal killings stall increase in wolf reproduction

Gray Wolves Leave Washington for Mexico

Female Mexican gray wolves sent to facility for breeding and reintroduction

Wolf Program Faces Challenges

Suspicious killings tax wolf reintroduction

Wolf Population Down in '07

The endangered species' numbers in the wild tumbled 12 percent to a total of 52 by the end of December

Public's Call of Wild

Ranchers may lose support of they don't respect public's desire to see wolves in the wild

Our Opinion: Opposition, Illegal Killings Must Not End Wolf Recovery

Wolf population still down along Arizona-New Mexico border

Making Her Mark

Mexican gray wolf making her mark at Eureka research center

Fish and Wildlife Needs to Get with the Pack

Discussion of the Bush administration's failures to protect and restore imperiled wildlife under the Endangered Species Act

'Large Margin' Supports Wolf

New Mexico voters support reintroduction of the endangered Mexican gray wolf

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