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Guest Column: Delay Means Extinction for Wolves

The Daily Courier, Dennis DuVall, December 31, 2013

Wildlife Experts Work Together to Save Gray Wolves

Wolf Haven International’s Wildlife Handling and Training Course for Wildlife Professionals (01/06/14)

Can Ranchers Come to Peace with the Wolves in Their Midst?

Earth Island Journal, Jason Mark (posted 1/3/14)

Op-Ed: Wolf Populations Should Be Assessed by Packs, Not Individuals

High Country News, Marybeth Holleman  (posted 12/23/13)

Press Release: Americans Speak Out Against Stripping Federal Protections From Wolves

Endangered Species Coalition, December 17, 2013  (posted 12/18/13)

Blog: Living with Wildlife in the Southwest

Defenders of Wildlife, December 16, 2013  (posted 12/17/13)

Act Now to Ensure Mexican Wolf Recovery!

Comments needed to save the Mexican Gray Wolf (deadline Dec 17, 2013)

In the News: Stark Split Marks Meeting About Gray Wolf Expansion

The Arizona Republic, Brandon Loomis, December 5, 2013  (posted 12/6/13)

In the News: NM Group: Mexican Gray Wolf Protections Not Enough

Cibola Beacon, November 26, 2013  (posted 11/29/13)

Sierra Club of NM Calls FWS Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Plan Outdated

Public News Service, December 2, 2013  (12/16/13)

Press Release: Grijalva Leads Letter to Interior Sec. Jewell Signed by 86 House Members Urging Continued Gray Wolf Endangered Species Protection

December 12, 2013

In the News: Wolf Supporters, Foes Debate Issue

White Mountain Independent, December 6, 2013  (posted 12/12/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  November 1- 30, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 12/11/13)

In the News: Wolf Plan Reignites Passions

Arizona Daily Sun, December 6, 2013 (posted 12/9/13)

In the News: Feds Still Gathering Comments On Wolf Reintroduction Plans

Payson Roundup, November 21, 2013  (posted 11/26/13)

Save the Lobo at Hon-Dah December 3, 2013

Stand for Wolves at Public Hearing near Pinetop, Arizona!

In the News: Wolf Hearing Draws Crowd of Around 500 People

Albuquerque Journal, November 21, 2013  (posted 11/21/13)

In the News: New Round in Fight Over Wolves; Hearings on Proposal to Free Lobos in NM Start This Week

Las Cruces Sun-News, November 18, 2013  (posted 11/19/13)

2013 Mexican Wolf Conservation Stamp – Limited Edition

New Mexico Wilderness Alliance 3rd Annual Collectors Wolf Stamp-proceeds go to wolf recovery efforts

In the News: Public Hearings to Focus on Growth of Gray-Wolf Habitat in Arizona

The Arizona Republic, November 18, 2013  (posted 11/19/13)

Act now: Ask your Reps in Congress to join Congressional champions for wolves Grijalva and Fitzpatrick

Colleague letter to keep wolves protected

In the News: Sun Setting On Wolf Recovery?

The Durango Herald, November 20, 2013  (posted 11/25/13)

Lobos Need You in ABQ November 20!

Rally and Testify at a Public Hearing to Save the Lobo from Extinction

In the News: Endangered again

Fish and Wildlife Service proposal prompts debate from wolf advocates, Boulder Weekly, November 14, 2013

In the News: Hearing On Endangered Wolves Planned For Albuquerque

KRWG Public Media, November 14, 2013  (posted 11/18/13)

Mexican Gray Wolf Expert: 75 Wolves Not Enough

KRWG Public Media, October 31, 2013 (posted 11/15/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  October 1-31, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 11/09/13)

In the News: Fish & Wildlife wants to hear your ideas on Wolf program changes

The White Mountain Independent, October 29, 2013  (posted 11/02/13)

In the News: Comment Period Extended for Gray And Mexican Wolf Proposals

Arizona Range News, October 30, 2013  (posted 11/2/13)

In the News: Do "Kid Cages" Really Protect Children From Wolves? - Residents of New Mexico are scared of their local wolves. Should they be?

National Geographic Daily News,  October 29, 2013  (posted 10/30/13)

In the News: Parents Are Using “Kid Cages” to Protect Their Children From Wolf Attacks

Actual threat, or anti-federalist ploy?, Salon, October 29, 2013 (posted 10/30/13)

In the News: Mexican wolf from Paradise Pack removed for continued livestock depredation

Yuma News, October 26, 2013

Extending the Public Comment Periods and Rescheduling Public Hearings Pertaining to the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) and the Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)

Federal Register - USFWS, October 28, 2013  (posted 10/29/13)

Press Release: With Government Shutdown Over, Feds, Arizona Resume Taking Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves Out of Wild 

Three Wild-born Wolves in Arizona, New Mexico Targeted to Live Out Lives in Captivity October 21, 2013

Act Now! Three endangered Mexican wolves targeted for government trapping

Calls needed to keep Paradise and Fox Mountain pack wolves in the wild! (10/23/13)

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolf in Arizona Relocated to New Mexico

Associated Press, October 25, 2013  (posted 10/28/13)

In the News: Wolf Protection Plan Raises Hackles in Southwest

Los Angeles Times, Julie Cart, October 26, 2013  (posted 10/27/13)

Press Release: Service Extends Comment Periods for Gray and Mexican Wolf Proposals, Reschedules Public Hearings, Adds Hearing in Arizona

US Fish and Wildlife Service, October 24, 2013  (posted 10/25/13)

Managers Aim To Capture Wolves in Arizona, NM

SeattlePI, October 23, 2013  (posted 10/24/13)

In the News: 3 Mexican wolves to be removed

Animals will be captured, taken to breeding facility Albuquerque Journal, October 21, 2013 Act Now!

In the News: Scottsdale wildlife sanctuary opens new enclosure for rare Mexican Gray Wolf  

Arizona.newszap.com, October 17, 2013 (posted 10/20/13)

In the News: Feds add Arizona hearing on proposed changes to Mexican gray wolf plan

Cronkite News, October 17, 2013 (posted 10/18/13 - updated 10/28/13)

Wolf Awareness Events: Talk-Wolves, Fact & Fiction/ Tabling-Lobos of the Southwest

Learn about lobos-El Paso, TX Oct 19-20

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  September 1-30, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 10/12/13)

Sierra Club Event: Wild About Wolves!

Speak Up for Wolves in Phoenix on October 9!

Press Release: National Wolf Awareness Week Event to Affect the Future of Wolves in AZ

Flagstaff Group Will Help Residents Write Comments in Lieu of Fish and Wildlife Service Hearing in AZ

Op-ed: Arizona's Wolves Another Casualty of Federal Shutdown

AZ Republic, David Scott, October 9, 2013

In the News: Should the Government Be Killing the Wildlife We Travel to Experience?

Main St.,  Laura Kiesel, September 30, 2013  (posted 10/09/13)

Editorial: Soapbox: Wolves benefit wildlife ecology in Colorado

coloradoan.com, October 2, 2013  (posted 10/07/13)

Blog: The Wolves Were Never at Our Doors

Real Clear Politics, Carl M. Cannon (10/5/13)

In the News: Wolf Center Releases Lobo Into Mexican Wild

The Lewisboro Ledger, Reece Alvarez, September 28, 2013  (posted 10/05/13)

Blog: Polls Show Public Is Pro-wolf

Research reveals overwhelming support for Mexican gray wolves in NM and AZ, so what gives, FWS? (posted 9/30/13)

In the News: Wolf Advocates Plan Their Own Hearing After Shutdown Cancels FWS Meeting

Greenwire, April Reese, October 3, 2013

Op-ed: Mexican gray wolf: Where the wild things aren’t

Jamie Rappaport Clark, Special to the Arizona Daily Star, Sept 28, 2013 [Letters Needed!]

Act Now: Help Mexican Wolves Succeed From Wherever You Are!

Use our Activist toolkit to spread the word about the hearing and public comment opportunity critical to the Lobo's future (posted 9/28/13)

Press release: Lobo Advocates Rally Despite Cancelled Mexican Wolf Hearing

The Rewilding Institute / WildEarth Guardians, October 4, 2013

Lobos Need You in Albuquerque October 4!

Government Shutdown Will Not Stop Wolf Supporters from Rallying and Testifying!

Press Release: Albuquerque Hosts Sole Public Hearing on Endangered Mexican Wolves

The Rewilding Institute (posted 9/29/13)

Game And Fish Dept. Ordered To Return To Mexican Wolf Program Discussions

KUNM, September 27, 2013  (posted 10/03/13)

The Dilemma of the Mexican Gray Wolf Without a Compass

Public News Service, Renee Blake, September 30, 2013  (posted 10/02/13)

Op-Ed: Choosing Love - The Intersection of Science and Wonder Can Save Species

The Santa Fe Reporter, Laura Paskus, September 17, 2013  (posted 10/02/13)

In the News: Dave Parsons on Mexican Wolves

Earth Matters, Gila Mimbres Community Radio, September 24, 2013  (posted 09/27/13)

In the News: Feds Defend Plan To Drop Most Gray Wolf Protections; Southwest Mexican Wolf Would Remain Endangered

Las Cruces Sun-News, John Flesherap, September 30, 2013  (posted 10/01/13)

Special Offer: Help save Mexican wolves by buying an Elite Gold Pineapple plant by Sept. 22

Edible Wilds will donate profits to support our work for lobos!

In the News: Public Meeting On Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves

KRWG-TV/FM, September 24, 2013  (posted 09/26/13)

Press Release: New Study Forecasts Genetic Risks to Wolves in Western US Unless Dispersal Can Connect Isolated Populations

Klamath Center for Conservation Research, Carlos Carroll, September 24, 2013 (posted 09/25/13)

Arizona Game and Fish to Hold Meetings on Gray Wolves

San Francisco Chronicle  (posted 9/23/13)

In the News: Grey Wolves Left Out In the Cold

Nature, Chris Woolston, September 11, 2013  (posted 09/23/13)

Event:Thinking Like a Mountain: Wolves, Deer, Elk, and Aspen in the West

Presentation by Cristina Eisenberg, Flagstaff, AZ Sept. 24, 2013

Mexican Gray Wolves Granted Increased Protection In The U.S.

Yale e360, August 27, 2013  (posted 09/19/13)

Editorial: Wolves are here, so hearing should be about their future

By AZ Republic Editorial board, September 20, 2013 (posted 9/22/13)

Op-Ed: Some Hope For Mexican Gray Wolf

Albuquerque Journal, Michael J. Robinson / Conservation Advocate, Center for Biological Diversity, September 15, 2013  (posted 09/16/13)

In the News: Agreement Reached On Wolves - Plan Allows For Direct Releases into N.M.

Albuquerque Journal, September 2, 2013  (Posted 09/15/13)

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolves Will Get More Room To Roam

Summit County Voice, Bob Berwyn, August 27, 2013 (posted 09/17/13)

News Release: Service Extends Comment Period for Gray Wolf Proposals, Announces Public Hearings to Solicit Additional Stakeholder Input

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, September 5, 2013  (posted 09/06/13 - updated 09/14/13))

Take Action: Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Strip Protections for Gray Wolves

Comments needed!  (updated 09/14/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  August 1-31, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 09/14/13)

Activists Claim Victory Defending Gray Wolves

Courthouse News Service, August 28, 2013  (posted 09/10/13 - updated 09/14/13)

FWS Grants Wolf Delisting A (Very) Temporary Reprieve

Endangered Species Coalition, Mitch Merry, September 4, 2013  (posted 09/09/13 - updated 09/14/13)

Mexican Gray Wolves Now Have a Fighting Chance at Survival

Care2, Alicia Graef, September 3, 2013  (posted 09/08/13 - updated 09/14/13)

Blog: New Poll: Americans Love Wolves and Want Them to Stay Protected

The Huffington Post, Noah Greenwald, July 22, 2013  (posted 09/07/13)

Blog: Dances With Wild Wolves: Rally on National Mall

The Huffington Post, Brenda Peterson, September 6, 2013  (posted 09/07/13)

Press Release: Poll Shows Residents of NM and AZ Overwhelmingly Support Restoration of Mexican Gray Wolves in the Wild

New genes, new populations, new recovery plan crucial to Mexican gray wolf survival September 4, 2013  (updated 09/14/13)

Editorial: Wolves Need a Fair Review - Agency Drops Scientists from Peer Review Panel

The Register-Guard, August 27, 2013  (posted 09/02/13)

In the News: Settlements Reached in Mexican Gray Wolf Program

Silver City Sun News, August 31, 2013  (posted 9/2/13 - updated 09/14/13)

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolves Gain Protection in Arizona, New Mexico

Environmental News Service, August 26, 2013  (posted 09/01/13)

Study Shows Link Between Grizzlies, Berries and Wolves

Summit County Citizens Voice, Bob Berwyn, August 28, 2013  (posted 09/01/13)

Blog: Two Worlds For Our Lobos

NM Embraces The Imagery of Wolves, Is Indifferent To Species, El Paso Times, Milan Simonich, August 27, 2013  (posted 08/31/13)

In the News: Feds: Wandering Wolves Won't Be Relocated

Arizona Daily Sun, August 27, 2013  (posted 08/31/13)

Press Release: Groups Sue Feds for Failure to Prosecute Endangered-Wildlife Kills

Wildlife Poachers Immune from Prosecution, WildEarth Guardians, August 26, 2013 (posted 08/30/13)

Guest Column: Fear mongering in Mohave County

Kingman Daily Miner August 25, 2013 (posted 8/29/13) Letters needed!

Press Release: Two Settlement Agreements Reached to Protect Mexican Gray Wolves

With New Agreements, Mexican Wolves Will be Allowed to Roam More of Arizona and New Mexico (posted 8/29/13 - updated 09/14/13)

In the News: N.M. to share in $850K for wildlife (corrected)

Albuquerque Journal August 21, 2013 (posted 8/22/13)

Oped: Coconino Voices: Wolves deserve wider range

Arizona Daily Sun, August 21, 2013

Young Mexican gray wolf dies during handling in Arizona

El Paso Times/Associated Press August 20, 2013 (posted 8/21/13)

Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor – Thank You!

Please Speak Up For Mexican Gray Wolves – August 19, 2013

Editorial: Wolves Under Review

The New York Times, The Editorial Board, August 15, 2013  (posted 08/16/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  July 1-31, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 08/17/13)

In the News: Interior halts selection of scientists for peer review of wolf delisting proposal

E&E News, August 12, 2013 (posted 8/13/13

Wolves in Yellowstone Help Grizzly Bears Fatten Up

Live Science, By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer July 29, 2013

Blog: Stacking the science? Fish and Wildlife Service's gray wolf peer review process

Natural Resources Defense Council, Sylvia Fallon, August 8, 2013  (posted 08/11/13)

Blog: Some Gray Wolf Peer Review Panel Members Axed By USFWS

The Wildlife News, Ralph Maughan, August 8, 2013  (posted 08/10/13)

Editorial: Wolf expansion plan needs more details

AZ Daily Sun August 08, 2013 (posted 8/9/13) Letters needed!

Press Release: Top Wolf Experts Excluded From Scientific Review of Wolf Delisting Proposal

Unprecedented Step Undermines ‘Best Available Science’ Mandate of the Endangered Species Act, Center for Biological Diversity, August 8, 2013  (posted 08/09/13)

After a Killing: Next Steps for America's Most Endangered Mammal

Take Part, August 2, 2013  (posted 08/05/13)

Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves Need a Modern Recovery Plan

Mexican Wolves Need A New Science Based Recovery Plan Before Rule Changes Are Considered (08/05/13)

In the News: Wolves To Roam Toward Flagstaff?

Arizona Daily Sun, Eric Betz, August 3, 2013

Op-Ed: Wolves Threatened: Ending Federal Protection Is A Mistake

San Jose Mercury News, Winston Thomas, July 2, 2013  (posted 08/02/13)

Take Action: Wolf supporters needed at AZ Game and Fish Meeting

Mexican gray wolf discussion on August 2 Commission Agenda

Op-Ed: Protections Still Needed For Wolves

U-T San Diego, Patrick C. Valentino, July 27, 2013  (posted 07/29/13)

Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor – Thank You!

Please Speak Up For Mexican Gray Wolves – July 27, 2013

Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Shooting Threatens Species Recovery Efforts

Care2, Alicia Graef, July 24 (posted 07/26/13)

Blog: The Proposed Removal of Gray Wolves from Endangered Species Status in the U.S. is Arbitrary, Capricious, and Inconsistent

New APPS Blog, July 21, 2013 (posted 7/25/2013)

Editorial: Rein in Wildlife Services

Evidence suggests agency is wasteful, ineffective. Register Guard, July 22, 2013 (posted 7/24/13)

Editorial: Agriculture’s Misnamed Agency

New York Times Editorial Board on Wildlife Services aka "The Killing Agency"  7/18/13

Who killed the Mexican gray wolf? Feds investigate

LA Times, July 15, 2013 (posted 7/18/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  June 1-30, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 07/15/13)

In the News: Conserving top predators results in less CO2 in the air

Mongabay.com  (posted 7/15/13)

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolf Shot, Killed in New Mexico

Associated Press, July 13, 2013  (posted 7/14/13)

PEER Press Release: Wolf Delisting Scientific Shell Game Begins

Contract for Quick Limited Peer Review Designed to Give Illusion of Impartiality (posted 7/12/13)

In the News: Audit launched into anti-wolf funding

Legislators OK audit of state payments to Big Game Forever. The Salt Lake Tribune, July 8, 2013 (posted 7/12/13)

In the News: Three Endangered Mexican Wolves Now At CT’s Beardsley Zoo

Shelton Herald, July 8, 2013 (posted 7/12/13)

Update: Summer 2013 Notes from the Field

Denning Packs and Wolf Pups (posted 7/12/13)

In the News: Litter of Mexican Gray Wolf Pups Brings New Hope

Audubon Magazine, July 3, 2013 (posted 7/11/13)

Blog: Rewilding the Great West One Footfall at a Time

Treking West for a new era of conservation (posted 7/11/13)

Editorial: Where’s the money?

Cut off tax funds to anti-wolf group –Salt Lake Tribune, July 7, 2013 (posted 7/10/13)

Event: Talk-Wolves, Fact and Fiction by Nancy Bain (AKA The Wolf Lady) 

Saturday, July 27, at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology Auditorium

In the News: Records: States pressed for limits on gray wolves before federal proposal to lift protections

Washington Post, By Associated Press, June 27, 2013 (posted 7/9/13)

In the News: Anti-Wolf Group Vague on How It Spent Utah Taxpayer Funds

The Salt Lake Tribune, Brian Maffly, July 2, 2013 (posted 07/08/13)

Editorial: Making War On Wolves

Chicago Tribune, July 7, 2013

Is The Far Right Driving Gray Wolves To Extinction?

Salon, James William Gibson, June 25, 2013  (posted 06/30/13)

Predator Management by State Wildlife Agency Biologists Questioned

The Wildlife News, George Wuerthner,  June 28, 2013  (posted 06/30/13)

Press Release: Politics Dominated Wolf De-Listing Meetings

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, June 27, 2013  (posted 06/28/13)

In the News: Wolf Delisting Premature: Wuerthner

New West, George Wuerthner, June 14, 2013  (posted 06/24/13)

Plan Calls For Expanding Mexican Gray Wolf Range

Arizona Public Media, June 7, 2013  (posted 06/24/13)

In the News: Study - Wyoming Wolves Getting Bad Rap For Elk Decline

Star Tribune, June 11, 2013  (posted 06/23/13)

Blog: They Shoot Wolves, Don't They? How the Wild West Is Lost

Huffington Post, Brenda Peterson, June 17, 2013 (posted 06/23/13)

In the News: Latest attempt to reintroduce Mexican wolves to the wild fails

LA Times, June 14, 2013 (posted 6/21/13)

In the News: Proposed Removal of Gray Wolves’ Endangered Status a Case Study in the Politicization of Science

US Fish and Wildlife Service relies on taxonomical shenanigans to appease wolf haters. Earth Island Journal, June 17, 2013 (posted 6/21/13)

In the News: Local Mexican gray wolf population remains low

U.S. Fish and Wildlife look to leave subspecies on endangered species list, KVIA, June 17, 2013 (posted 6/20/13)

In the News: Feds propose expanding range for Mexican wolves

The Associated Press, June 7, 2013 (posted 6/19/13)

Blog: Mission Forgotten: Feds Have Lost Their Way on Wolf Recovery

Huffington Post, Jamie Rappaport Clark, President & CEO, Defenders of Wildlife – June 11, 2013  (posted 06/17/13)

When A Wolf Dies - Do individual animals matter?

Psychology Today, June 7, 2013 (posted 06/17/13)

In the News: Value of Wolves - Feds Must Maintain Some Oversight

Salt Lake Tribune, June 10  (posted 06/16/13)

Event: Big Lake Howliday Campout Weekend

July 19 - 21, 2013

In the News: 6 [Mexican]Gray wolves born in Mexico

La Prensa, June 13, 2013 (posted 6/14/13)

$2,175 Pedego Electric Bike Raffle Benefits Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project

Tickets On Sale Now – Get Your Tickets Online Today! - June 13, 2013

In the News: Feds Decide Not to Release Pair of Mexican Gray Wolves in Apache National Forest

Associated Press, June 12, 2013 (posted 06/13/13)

Proposed Ending of Federal Gray Wolf Protection: Another Case of Setting Science Aside?

Climate Science Watch, June 9, 2013  (posted 06/13/13)

In the News: Wildfires, Wolves Make Their Mark On The Gila Wilderness

The Taos News, Matt van Buren, May 28, 2013  (posted 06/13/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  May 1-31, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 06/12/13)

University Of Wyoming Study: Wolf Harassment Has Little Impact On Elk

National Parks Traveler, June 11, 2013  (posted 6/12/13)

Op-Ed : Don’t Forsake the Gray Wolf

By JIM, JAMIE and GARRICK DUTCHER in the NY Times, June 8, 2013 (posted 6/11/13)

In the News: Feds: Wolf No Longer at Risk

Salt Lake Tribune, June 7, 2013  (Posted 06/11/13)

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolves May Get More Area To Live In

Rule Change Proposed. Arizona Republic, Brandon Loomis, June 10, 2013 (posted 06/11/13)

Press Release: Obama Administration Strips Wolf Protections Across Most of Lower 48 States

Plan Ends Prospects of Wolf Recovery in Southern Rockies, California, Northeast, Pacific Northwest -Center for Biological Diversity, June 7, 2013

In the News: Transplanted Arizona wolf pack loses pups

Arizona Republic, June 7, 2013. Help Keep Wolves in the Wild Where They Belong!

In the News: Plan Lifts Lower 48 Wolf Protections

Associated Press, June 7, 2013  (posted 06/07/13) Act Now!

In the News: Western Wolf Issue is Mostly Not Really About Wolves

The Wildlife News, Ralph Maughan, June 2, 2013  (posted 06/06/13)

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolf Pups Will Soon Debut at Mesker Park Zoo

Tristate Homepage, June 4, 2013 – Posted 06/05/13

Press Releases: Congressman Smith Reintroduces the Rural Economic Vitalization

Legislation Would Reform Federal Grazing Program to Protect Environment, Save Taxpayer Dollars  (posted 06/05/13)

Press Releases: Congressman Smith Reintroduces the Rural Economic Vitalization

Legislation Would Reform Federal Grazing Program to Protect Environment, Save Taxpayer Dollars  (posted 06/05/13)

How Close is Close Enough For Gray Wolf Recovery? It's Interior's Call

Greenwire: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 (posted 06/04/13)

Editorial: Give Wolves a Chance

AZ Republic Editorial Board, June 4, 2013

Take Action: Mexican Gray Wolves Face Inbreeding Dangers

Tell decision-makers more Mexican wolves must be released into the wild where they belong. (posted 6/3/13)

Editorial: After Years of Progress, a Setback in Saving the Wolf

The New York Times, June 1, 2013  (posted 06/02/13) - YOUR LETTERS ARE NEEDED

More Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor – Thank You!

Please Speak Up For Mexican Gray Wolves – May 30, 2013

In the News: U.S. Sued Over Policy on Killing Endangered Wildlife

L.A. Times, May 29, 2013 - Activists say the rule that hunters must know they are killing a protected animal allows the Justice Department to abdicate prosecution. (posted 05/30/13)

Take Action! Delisting of Gray Wolves Delayed, But Not Stopped

Keep the pressure on to keep protections for gray wolves nation-wide. (May 29, 2013)

Events Calendar

Ready for some howling good fun?  Check out our Calendar! (posted 05/28/13)

In the News: Arizona Endangered Wolves Still On The Brink

Wolf-Relocation Project Struggles As Lobos Fall Prey To Guns And Cars - May 25, 2013  (posted 05/28/13)

Op-ed: Let science inform our decisions

Bill Richardson / Former Governor of New Mexico Speaks Up for ESA  Albuquerque Journal, May 23, 2013 (posted 5/25/13)

Blog: Why Everything You Know About Wolf Packs Is Wrong

io9 article says the alpha wolf does not exist in wild packs (posted 5/24/13)

Mexican Wolves at the Center of Many Important Movements to Stop Cruelty

Animal Protection of New Mexico, May 14, 2013  (posted 05/23/13)

Press Release: Suit to Uncover Political Deals Behind Gray Wolf Delisting

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, May 22, 2013  (05/23/13)

National Wolfwatcher Coalition Offers 15th Anniversary Lobo T-Shirts For Sale

Proceeds Dedicated to Educational Initiatives About Mexican Wolves  (posted 05/22/13)

Press Release:  Scientists Call on Obama Administration to Keep Gray Wolves Protected Under Endangered Species Act

Biologists Say Proposal to Remove Protections Fails to Follow Best Science May 21, 2013

Act Now-Keep the Pressure on to Keep Protections for Wolves in Place!

Threat of delisting for gray wolves is still present despite delay. (updated 5/21/13)

A Reprieve for Gray Wolves

Wolf Conservation Center, May 21, 2013

Trout Invasion Behind Park's Elk Decline

Agence France Presse, May 15, 2013  (posted 05/21/13)

In the News: Enthusiasts Celebrate The Anniversary of Wolf Reintroduction

Silver City Sun-News, May 19, 2013  (posted 05/20/13)

Grijalva to Interior Secretary: Do Not De-list Wolves

KJZZ News, Mark Brodie, May 17, 2013  (posted 05/20/13)

In the News: Wandering wolf captured again

Albuquerque Journal, May 16, 2013. Letters Needed! (posted 5/20/13)

Action Alerts: Keep Endangered Species Protections for Wolves

Easy Action Items -  Your Turn To Be Heard  (05/18/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  April 1-30, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 05/15/13)

A Photographic Journey Through the Lives of Mexican Wolves

Photo Essay by Wolf Conservation Center Curator Rebecca Bose

Press Release: Conservation Groups Urge Interior Secretary Jewell Not to Strip Wolf Protections Across United States

Center for Biological Diversity, May 9, 2013  (posted 05/14/13)

In the News: Rare Mexican Wolf Cubs Born In NY

New York Post - May 12, 2013 (posted 05/13/13)

Beautify Your Desktop with Mexican Wolf Images!

Fabulous free wallpaper downloads

Blog: The 5 Most Endangered Canine Species

Mexican wolves in Extinction Countdown, Scientific American May 9, 2013 (posted 5/11/13)

Seven Year Old Speaks Out for Wolves

Join her and reach out to your members of Congress today! (posted 5/10/13)

Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor - Thanks For Speaking Up For Mexican Wolves

It's Your Turn to be Heard – May 9, 2013

Blog: Don't Pull the Plug on America's Wolves

Huffington Post, by Noah Greenwald, May 3, 2013

One Mexican Wolf Killed; Two Pairs Transferred for Release into the Wild

Public News Service - NM  May 2, 2013

USFWS Releases Four Mexican Wolves Into The Wild

Greenwire, April Reese, April 29, 2013  (posted 05/02/13)

In the News: Feds Release Wolf Pairs in New Mexico, Arizona

Associated Press, April 27, 2013  (posted 05/01/13)

Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor - Thanks For Speaking Up For Mexican Wolves

It's Your Turn to be Heard - April 30, 2013

Op-Ed: Grijalva: My Colleagues Want to Gut Endangered Species Act

Roll Call, Rep. Raul M. Grijalva, April 29, 2013  (posted 04/30/13)

Volunteer Position: Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project in Mexico

Society for Conservation Biology  (posted 04/30/13)

Biodiversity: Wildlife Advocates Howling Mad About Draft Federal Plan to Take Wolves Off The Endangered Species List

Summit County Citizens Voice, April 29, 2013 (posted 04/29/13)

Mexican Gray Wolf Would Stay Protected

Albuquerque Journal, Rene Romo, April 27, 2013

In the [Good] News: Mexican wolves released into wild in Arizona and New Mexico

KVOA News 4 Tucson, April 26, 2013

Press Release: Mexican Gray Wolf Set to be Relisted as Endangered Subspecies

Defenders of Wildlife – Craig Miller, April 26, 2013

In the News: U.S. Plans To Drop Gray Wolves From Endangered List

Los Angeles Times, April 25, 2013  (posted 04/26/13)

Press Release: New Mexico Animal Shot by Wildlife Services Agent Was a Mexican Wolf

Center for Biological Diversity, April 24, 2013

In the News: Feds Confirm Employee Killed Mexican Gray Wolf

Associated Press, April 24, 2013  (posted 04/25/13)

Action Alert: Release Aldo and Estella!  


Growing Up Lobo – Earth Day Pups Turn 5

Wolf Conservation Center, March 26, 2013  (posted 04/21/13)

Endangered Wolf Center Calls Upon Mexican Gray Wolf to Help Raise Funds

St. Louis Today, April 8, 2013  (posted 04/21/13)

Wolf Conservation Center Mourns Mexican Gray Wolf F837

Wolf Conservation Center, April 15, 2013  (posted 04/20/13)

In the News: Arizona wildlife chief quit under fire

Arizona Republic, April 18, 2013 (posted 4/19/13)

In the News: Binder Park Zoo Plays Part in Wolf Legacy Project

Genetic Material Collected for Future Breeding, April 2, 2013  (posted 04/18/13)

In the News: Arizona Game and Fish Commission chairman unexpectedly quits

Arizona Republic April 12, 2013 (posted 4/17/13)

Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor - Thanks For Speaking Up For Mexican Wolves

It's Your Turn to be Heard – April 16, 2013

In the News: Another Mexican Gray Wolf Found Dead in Southwest

The Associated Press, April 9, 2013 (posted 04/14/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  March 1-31, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Inteagency Field Team  (posted 04/12/13)

Press Release: After Legal Challenge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Rescinds Permit to Trap Border-crossing Wolves in the Southwest

Center For Biological Diversity, April 11, 2013  (posted 04/12/13)

Sedona Lecture Series focuses on Mexican Gray Wolf – April 8

Verde Independent, March 27, 2013  (posted 04/05/13)

In the News: Wildlife Employee Investigated In Wolf Killing

Your Letters Needed: Albuquerque Journal Rene Romo, April 5, 2013  (posted 04/07/13)

In the News: Howling-Good Films: Wild and Scenic Film Festival Visits Flagstaff and Benefits Local Wolf Recovery Project

Northern Arizona University, The Lumberjack, April 3, 2013 (posted 04/07/13)

In the News: Feds Tightlipped on Investigation Into Possible Mexican Gray Wolf Shooting in Southwestern NM

Associated Press, Susan Montoya Bryan April 4, 2013  (posted 04/06/13)

In the News: Fish & Wildlife employee investigated in wolf death

Albuquerque Journal, April 4, 2013

Special Event! Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Return of Mexican Gray Wolves to the Southwest

Friday, April 5, Albuquerque, NM

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program Turns 15

Public News Service, March 28, 2013  (posted 04/04/13)

15th Anniversary of Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction

Public News Service April 2, 2013  (posted 04/03/13)

In the News: Wolf Haven Celebrates Mexican Gray’s Survival

The Seattle Times - March 28, 2013  (posted 04/03/13)

San Diego’s Efforts To Boost Mexican Gray Wolf Population Threatened

KPBS – California Wolf Center Concerned About Removal of Gray Wolf From Endangered Species List, March 28, 2013  (posted 04/01/13)

Take Action: More Mexican Gray Wolves Needed in the Wild Now!

Tell decision-makers the stalling has to stop. (updated 4/1/13)

A Rescue Plan for Mexican Gray Wolves

Huffington Post Blog: Jamie Rappaport Clark, President & CEO, Defenders of Wildlife – March 28, 2013  (updated 04/9/13)

Event: 4th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival and Silent Auction Fundraiser - Rescheduled for March 29

Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project to Feature Wild Things: a film about the war on native carnivores – March 29

15 Years of Mexican Gray Wolves: Celebrate or Sob?

Defenders of Wildlife Blog:  Eva Sargent -  March 26, 2013  (posted 03/29/13)

A Howlingly Good Record of Success

The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA, March 25, 2013  (posted 03/29/13)

Easy Action - Sign Up for Mass Tweet to Celebrate the Lobo’s Return!

March 29 is the 15th Anniversary of the return of Mexican wolves to the Southwest – help ensure their future today!

Mexican Gray Wolf Should Be Reintroduced in Utah

Oped: The Daily Utah Chronicle, Courtney Tanner - March 19, 2013  (posted 03/28/13)

Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest Results

Students Give Names to Fifteen Mexican Wolf Pups Born in 2012

Saving Wolves Through Social Media

Huffington Post, Spread the Word With #LoboWeek, March 20, 2013 (posted 03/27/13)

Celebrate Mexican Gray Wolves Milestone At Zoo

The Daily Courier, Prescott, AZ, March 24, 2013  (posted 03/26/13)

Endangered Wolf Center To Highlight Mexican Gray Wolves - 15th Anniversary Events

#loboweek - St. Louis, Missouri March 28-30 (posted 03/25/13)

In the News: Arizona commission backs request to remove wolves from endangered list

Arizona Republic, March 20, 2013 (posted 3/21/13) Letters to the Editor Needed!

Arizona Game and Fish Supports Removing Protections for Gray Wolves Nation-Wide.

Make sure Congress knows the majority supports wolf recovery! (posted 3/21/13)

Urgent Alert! Arizona Game and Fish May Take Official Position March 20 to Support Removing Protections for Gray Wolves Nation-Wide.

Majority of Arizonans Excluded from Giving Input to Decision Affecting Arizona’s Endangered Mexican Wolves

In the News: Wharton: Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife about wrong kind of bucks

Salt Lake Tribune March 18, 2013 (posted 3/19/13)

Op-Ed: My View: We Need to Live in Harmony With Nature

Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe Teen Understand Importance of Wolves, March 16, 2013

Editorial: Wolves need protection: DeFazio asks the feds to extend their protected status

Register Guard-Oregon, March 7, 2013 (posted 3/17/13)

In the News: Attempt to Strip Dollars For Anti-Wolf Lobbyist Fails

The Salt Lake Tribune - Some Republicans Join in Opposition To Funding, Citing ‘Accountability.’ - March 12, 2013  (posted 03/13/13)

TREKWEST Public Event Invitation/Silver City March 19

Outdoor Adventurer John Davis Arrives in Silver City during 5,000-mile conservation hike from Mexico to Canada; event includes celebration of 15 year anniversary of the Mexican gray wolf reintroduction

Mexican Wolf Blue Range Reintroduction Project Monthly Update

February 1-28, 2013, From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team (posted 3/12/13)

Editorial: Just cry wolf: Your cash for the asking

Salt Lake Tribune, March 10 2013 (posted 3/11/13)

In the News: Anti-wolf group likely to get second $300,000 Utah payment: Money is included in budget despite Dems’ insistence project is a “waste.”

Salt Lake Tribune, March 10, 2013 (posted 3/11/13) Letters to the editor needed!

In the News: Legislators steering another $300,000 to anti-wolf crusade

Private group says it needs the money to lobby federal officials against the predator’s reintroduction. Salt Lake Tribune March 7, 2013 (posted 3/10/13) Support wolves with letters today!

Press Release: DeFazio-Markey Urge Continued Protections for Gray Wolf

Bipartisan group of 52 members press U.S. Fish and Wildlife to protect gray wolf

Press Release: 52 Members of Congress Urge Continued Federal Protections for Wolves in Lower 48 States

Center for Biological Diversity / Cascadia Wildlands, March 5, 2013 (posted 03/08/13)



In the News: No-Kill Wolf Ban Spurs Nonlethal Options

USA Today, March 2, 2013 (posted 03/07/13)

Press Release: Bill to Restrict Cruel, Dangerous Traps and Poisons in New Mexico Fails in Key Committee

WildEarth Guardians, March 4, 2013 (posted 03/05/13)

Blog: Will the Real Conservationists Please Stand Up?

Oregon Wild, Rob Klavins, February 27, 2013 (posted 03/01/13)

In the News: Certain Breeds of Dogs Being Used to Ward Off Wolves From Livestock

KXLF, January 31, 2013  (posted 02/22/13)

Op-ed: Let’s Ban Nasty Practice of Trapping

House Bill Would Make Commercial Trapping a Crime - Albuquerque Journal, February 20, 2013  (posted 02/22/13)

Guest Article: The Role of Wolf Haven International

A Species Survival Plan for Mexican Gray Wolves

In the News: Wolves Have Strong Family Values

The Washington Post - Kids Post, Juliet Eilperin, February 20, 2013  (posted 02/21/13)

Blog: Struggle To Save The Mexican Wolf Continues

visitelpaso.com, Rick LoBello, February 6, 2013  (posted 02/19/13)

In the News: Peoria Zoo Employee Works to Help Save Gray Wolves

Peoria Journal Star, February 12, 2013  (posted 02/18/13)

In the News: Return of gray wolves to Southwest slow going

Associated Press, February 14, 2013 (posted 2/15/13)

Press Release: Stone Zoo Participates in Vital Conservation Efforts for Mexican Gray Wolves

Genetically Valuable Animals Make Their Exhibit Debut at Stone Zoo, January 18, 2013  (posted 02/13/13)

Op-Ed: Tracking the Pack

By Emily Anthes, The New York Times, February 3, 2013  (posted 02/13/13)

News Blog: Newly Freed Mexican Wolf Recaptured; May Get Second Shot At Release

Arizona Daily Star, February 6, 2013  (posted 02/13/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

AZGFD Endangered Species Updates, February 7, 2013  (posted 02/12/13)

Editorial: More Mexican gray wolves needed in wild

By The Arizona Republic Editorial board, February 11, 2013

In the News: Authorities Recapture First Mexican Gray Wolf Released In Years

Cronkite News Service, February 7, 2013  (posted 02/12/13)

In the News: At least 75 Mexican gray wolves are living in the wild

Silver City Daily Press, February 7, 2013 (posted 2/11/13)

Mesker Park Zoo Wolf to Serve as Surrogate Mother for New York Pups

Evansville Courier & Press, February 7, 2013  (posted 02/09/13)

In the News: Still a Long Road Ahead for Mexican Wolf Recovery

Public News Service, February 8, 2013  (posted 02/09/13)

In the News: Southwest Gray Wolf Population Up 3rd Year In a Row

Summit Voice, February 7, 2013  (posted 02/09/13)

In the News: Gray Wolf Population Up by 30%

Albuquerque Journal, Rene Romo, February 7, 2013  (posted 02/08/13)

In the News: Number Rose for Endangered Wolves in 2012

Arizona Republic, Brandon Loomis, February 6, 2013  (posted 02/08/13)

In the News: Wolf Numbers Up in Arizona, New Mexico

Associated Press, February 6, 2013  (posted 02/07/13)

Press Release: Mexican Gray Wolf Population Up in 2012

Defenders of Wildlife: February 6, 2013

Press Release: Mexican Gray Wolf Numbers Increase for Third Year in a Row

Overall Population Reaches 75 But Number of Breeding Pairs Falls From Six to Three, Center for Biological Diversity, February 6, 2013


US Fish and Wildlife Service, AZ Game and Fish Department, For Release: February 6, 2012

Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor - Thanks For Speaking Up For Mexican Wolves

It's Your Turn to be Heard – February 6, 2013

In the News:  Obama Chooses REI Executive to Lead Interior Dept.

The New York Times, February 6, 2013  (posted 02/06/13)

In the News: Mexican Wolf Back in Captivity After Weeks in Wild

The Associated Press, February 4, 2013  (posted 02/05/13)

Press Release: First New Mexican Gray Wolf Released into the Wild in 4 Years is Recaptured 3 Weeks Later

Center for Biological Diversity, February 4, 2013 (posted 02/04/13)

Letters to the Editor - Talking Points

February 5, 2013

In the News: REI chief Sally Jewell in the Mix for Interior

The Washington Post, January 31, 2013  (posted 02/04/13)

In the News: Bad Habitat - Critics Call Arizona Game and Fish Antiquated and Anti-Predator

Tucson Weekly, January 31, 2012  (posted 02/02/13)

In the News: Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Once Again Object of Concern

Action Opportunity - Monday February 4, 2013   (posted 02/01/13)

Action: Say "No" to More Wolf Killing Fields

WildEarth Guardians Alert: Proposed nationwide removal of gray wolf protections (threatens recovery of Mexican gray wolves) (posted January 31, 2013)

Grand Canyon Elk Go From Attraction To Menace

MSN News, Felicia Fonseca - January 25, 2013 (posted 01/30/13)

Action: Center for Biological Diversity Rally to Protect Wildlife in the Gila National Forest

Silver City, New Mexico on February 4 (posted 1/30/13)

In the News: Elk Targeted Over Aspen

Arizona Daily Sun, January 26, 2013. Letters Needed on Benefits of Large Carnivores! (posted 01/29/13)

Blog: John Davis Sets Off to Hike, Paddle, and Bike the Spine of the Continent

Outside Online, Adventure Ethics, January 22, 2013  (posted 01/26/13)

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolf Released Near Alpine

White Mountain Independent, January 22, 2013 (posted 01/25/13)

Blog: Critically Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Released into Arizona Wild

Scientific American, John R. Platt, January 22, 2013  (posted 01/24/13)

In the News: Legal Efforts Are Underway to Protect Mexican Gray Wolves

Cibola Beacon January 22, 2013

In the News: Mexican Gray Wolf Set Free in Arizona to Replace a Poached Male

Los Angeles Times, January 18, 2013  (posted 01/21/13)

Follow the Pack, January 20, 2013

Lobo adventures in 2012

News Blog: Pro-Wolf Folks Seek Support To Grow Utah Population

City Weekly: Salt Lake City blogs, Stephen Dark, 02/17/2013  (posted 01/19/13)

News Blog: Pro-Wolf Folks Seek Support To Grow Utah Population

City Weekly: Salt Lake City blogs, Stephen Dark, 02/17/2013  (posted 01/19/13)

Defenders of Wildlife Mexican gray wolf blog:A Drop in the Genetic Bucket

January 16, 2013 (posted 1/18/1)

What Good Are Wolves?

A growing body of scientific research shows wolves are key to the ecosystems of the Northern Rockies. Here's a summary compiled by a long-time wolf advocate. (reposted 1/15/13)


Press Release: Governor Jan Brewer Appoints Edward “Pat” Madden to Arizona Game and Fish Commission

Office of the Governor, January 11, 2013  (posted 01/14/13)

In the News: Mexican Wolf Conservation Moves Forward in Arizona

AZGFD, Wolf Released as Replacement for Bluestem Pack Alpha Male, January 12, 2013  (posted 01/13/13)

In the News: Feds Plan First Mexican Gray Wolf Release In Four Years

Cronkite News Sevice, January 9, 2013 (posted 1/10/13)

Letters to the Editor - Speak Up For More Releases

It's Your Turn to be Heard – January 11, 2013

In the News: Mexican Wolf Scheduled For Release Soon In Arizona

Associated Press, January 7, 2013 (posted 01/09/13)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

AZGFD Endangered Species Updates, January 7, 2013  (posted 01/08/13)

Mexican Wolf Scheduled For January Release in Arizona

Arizona Game and Fish Department, January 7, 2013  (posted 01/08/13)

In the News: Legal Efforts Underway to Protect Mexican Gray Wolves

Public News Service - NM, January 7, 2013

In the Press: Mexican gray wolf deaths in New Mexico drop in 2012

Associated Press January 3, 2013 (posted 1/4/13) LETTER TO THE EDITOR OPPORTUNITY!

In the News: Group will sue feds over wolf trapping

Let imperiled animals roam, center says. Arizona Republic, December 27, 2012 (posted 1/3/13)

Press Release: WildEarth Guardians Appeals Court Order to Protect Mexican Wolves From Indiscriminate, Cruel Traps

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 (posted 01/03/13)

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