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In the News: Study: Wolf Kills Might Not Work

Arizona Daily Sun - Letters Needed!

Howls Over Wolf Compromise Unjustified

Editorial:  Arizona Daily Sun

Take Action to Save Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves!

Deadline to weigh in against new wolf killing provisions is December 27, 2014.

Lobo Biography #12: AF903, A wolf with staying power

Part 1, 12/22/14

Great Letters to the Editor!

Lobo supporters call out AZ Game and Fish Commissioner in the press (posted 12/20/14)

Great Letters to the Editor

Letter Writers Give Wolves a Voice! 12/18/14

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  November 1-30, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  November 1-30, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team

Press Release: Grand Canyon Wolf Named “Echo” in World-wide Contest

For Immediate Release, December 11, 2014

In the News: Feds propose expanding gray wolf territory; Conservationists cry foul

Cronkite News, 12/3/14. Letters Needed!

In the News: Ranchers, environmentalists alike don't like Mexican wolf plan

Arizona Daily Star, 11/26/14

In the News: Lone wolf deserves chance to meet others

Arizona Daily Star, 11/27/14

In the News: Plan opens millions more acres to gray wolf

Albuquerque Journal, 11/26/14

Action Alert: Arizona Game Commission No Friend to Lobos

Stand for Wolves December 5th in Phoenix, Arizona. Email Commissioners.

Lobos for the Holidays-Decorate and Start a Conversation

Easy to make, eye-catching Mexican wolf ornaments!

Enter Now: Grand Canyon Wolf Naming Contest!

Open to children and youth under 18- deadline Thursday, December 4

Press Release: Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Rule Would Hinder Species Recovery

Revised Management of Reintroduced Lobos a Risky Roadmap to Extinction, 11/25/14 - Comments needed!

In the News: Female Wolf Travels Hundreds of Miles to Northern Arizona

Associated Press: Wildlife officials have confirmed the first gray wolf in northern Arizona in more than 70 years. - November 21, 2014

Press Release: DNA Tests Confirm First Wolf in Over 70 years is Living near Grand Canyon’s North Rim

Female Grand Canyon Wolf is Fully Protected Under Endangered Species Act – For Now  11/21/14

Opinion Column: Gray wolves return to Grand Canyon?

The Arizona Republic, 11/15/14-Letters Needed!

In The News: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sued over Mexican gray wolf recovery plan

Los Angeles Times, 11/12/14-Letters Needed

In The News: We hunt predators but we can’t say why

Jackson Hole News & Guide, 11/15/14

In The News: Scientific facts belie the anti-wolf hysteria

Jackson Hole News & Guide, 11/5/14

In the news: New rule called threat to wolves

Albuquerque Journal, 11/13/14 – Letters Needed!

NEWS RELEASE: Lawsuit Fights 38 Years of Delay in Recovering Southwest’s Mexican Gray Wolves

November 12, 2014 Write a letter to the editor for Lobo recovery today!

Obituary: Mexican Gray Wolf Dad Found Dead in New Mexico

Mexican wolf Alpha Male 1157 of the San Mateo Pack (corrected 11/13/14)

In the News: Gray Wolf Spotted in Grand Canyon for First Time in Decades?

National Geographic, posted 11/11/14 Letters Needed!

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  October 1-31, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team

In The News: Tests will tell if animal is a wolf

Albuquerque Journal, 11/6/14 Letters Needed

In The News: A gray wolf or a hybrid near the Grand Canyon? Authorities say they don't know

Arizona Daily Star, 10/30/2014 Letters Needed!

Celebrate Howl-o-ween Lobo Style!

Mexican wolf masks and coloring page

In The News: Mesker Park Receives National Award

Outstanding zookepers honored for their great care of the Mexican Wolf 10/21/14

Letters to the Editor: Standing up for Wolves

These writers show their support for the Mexican wolf! 10/22/14

I’m pro-wolf and I vote!

Let candidates for election see your commitment to wolf recovery!

Wolf Awareness Week Events

Celebrate Lobos at Events from Oct 12 - 25

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report: September 1-30, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team

In The News: Mexican Gray Wolf Death in Eastern Arizona Under Investigation

KNAU News 10/11/14

Lobo Packtivists’ Meeting October 19 in Albuquerque, NM

Celebrate Wolf Awareness Week by Joining the Pack!

Blog Post: Hopa travels 1500 miles to Wolf Haven - by car

Wolf Haven International 10/1/14

Letter Writers Stand for Wolves!

Excellent letters urge readers to Save the Lobo! 10/2/14

Mexican Wolf Tee Shirt Design Contest Winner and Finalists!

View amazing designs and support wolf recovery with a tee-shirt purchase!

Press Release: Over 71,500 People Speak Out for Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves

New Rules Expand Area Mexican Wolves Can Roam, But Also Allow Increased Wolf Killing 9/23/14

Guest Column: Mexican wolf deserves wider support

Santa Fe New Mexican, Regina Mossotti, September 15, 2014 – Letters Needed

Environmental groups prepare lawsuit to force wolf recovery plan

Navajo-Hopi Observer 9/16/14

In the News: Should Mexican wolves roam Utah?

The Salt Lake Tribune 9/10/14

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report: August 1-31, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team

Editorial: Our View: If the feds had done their job, they wouldn't be facing another lawsuit over the Mexican grey wolf.

Arizona Republic, 9/11/14 Letters Needed!

In the News: Groups will sue for Mexican gray wolf recovery plan

Arizona Republic, 9/10/14, Letters Needed

In The News: Mexican gray wolves on the comeback trail

Big Bend Courier 9/5/14 Letters Needed

Tell the USFWS that a recovery plan is needed for Mexican wolves now!

Defenders of Wildlife Alert - Letters Needed! 9/13/14

Act Now! US Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Doom Mexican Wolves!

Speak out against draft plan to allow more killing of critically endangered wolves! Deadline Sept. 23

Press Release: Coalition to Sue Fish and Wildlife Service for Failure to Produce Mandatory Recovery Plan for Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf

Federal Agency Still Reliant on Incomplete, Deficient 1982 Plan for Rare Wolves 9/10/14

In the News: Fronteras 424: Mexican Gray Wolf Debate - Robinson & Dunn

KRWG News Interview, 9/4/14

PSA: Flagstaff Mexican Wolf Comment Writing Event 9/11/14

Federal Proposal Last Chance to Restore Wolves to Northern Arizona

Letters to the editor: Defenders of the endangered Mexican Wolf 

Palo Verde Valley Times 9/3/2014

In the news: Mexico presents first litter of artificial insemination wolf pups

Associated Press, September 03, 2014

Current Events in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area

August 2014 US Fish and Wildlife Service Updates

In the News: Arizona Game And Fish Blasts Federal Wolf Recovery Plan

Payson Roundup, Proposed revised plan for wolves controversial - September 2, 2014

In the News: County renews opposition to federal wolf plan

Mohave Valley Daily News, August 31, 2014 Letter Opportunity

Oped: Majority of New Mexicans Understand Wolves Need More Territory, Unswayed by Fear-mongering

Farmington Daily Times, August 29, 2014 Letter Opportunity

Action: Go Wild About Wolves & Wilderness!

Save the Lobo and Celebrate with the Sierra Club in Phoenix, September 3

In the News: The Latest: Wild Mexican wolf pups born in Sierra Madre

High Country News - The species still struggles on both sides of the border.

Op-Ed: To protect wolves’ future is to protect our future

Albuquerque Journal, Carol Fugagli / Cliff Resident, August 27, 2014

RESCHEDULED:Stand up for the Mexican wolf at the AUG 28 N.M. Game Commission meeting in Santa Fe.

Don’t let the NM Commission block lobo recovery.

In the News: Game Commission takes a shot at captive wolves

Santa Fe Reporter, August 26, 2014 Act now!

Editorial: Putting wolves on North Kaibab now might work better

AZ Daily Sun, August 22, 2014 Letters Needed!

Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor – Thank you!

Please Speak Up for Mexican Gray Wolves – August 20, 2014

Co-existing with Wolves

Defenders of Wildlife Guide (reposted 8/16/14)

In the News: Public Battle Over Wolves Takes Center Stage at T or C Meeting

The Silver City Daily Press, Benjamin Fisher, August 15, 2014

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report: July 1-31, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team (posted 8/16/14)

In the News: Mexican Wolf Conservation Achieves Two Major Milestones

Palo Verde Times, First Mexican wolf pups cross-fostered in the wild confirmed alive - August 13, 2014

In the News: Federal Plan Would Expand Wolf Territory in Arizona, New Mexico

The Arizona Republic, Brandon Loomis – Letters to the editor needed!

Save the Lobo in Hon-Dah/Pinetop Aug 11 and Truth or Consequences Aug 13!

Speak Out at Public Hearings to Save the Lobo from Extinction

Op-Ed: Michael J. Robinson: Will science or politics determine wolves' future

Las Cruces Sun-News, August 11, 2014

Media Advisory: Mexican Gray Wolf Hearings in Arizona, New Mexico Expected to Draw Hundreds

Proposed Changes Would Expand Wolf Habitat but Enable Increased Wolf-killing,  August 8, 2014

In the News: Wildlife Managers Declare Effort to Cross-Foster Mexican Gray Wolf Pups a Success

The Register Guard, July 30, 2014

Editorial: Our View: A proposed rule makes it too easy to kill or remove Mexican gray wolves for acting naturally.

AZ Republic Editorial Board, 8/3/14 Letters to the editor needed!

Letters to the Editor: Born to Be Wild

Albuquerque Journal, August 5, 2014

Blog: The future of Mexican gray wolf reintroduction program

The Wildlife News, Greta Anderson, 8/6/14

Event: Big Lake Howliday Campout Weekend

Join fellow wolf supporters in AZ wolf country August 8-11, 2014

In the News: Fed proposal gives wolves wider range

Albuquerque Journal, 7/25/14 –Letters to the editor needed!

In the News: Feds: No wolves to roam in Grand Canyon

Arizona Daily Sun, 7/25/14 - Letters to the editor needed!

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report: June 1-30, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team (posted 7/27/14)

Blog: What We Must Not Accept

Defenders of Wildlife, H. Ronald Pulliam (thoughts on Dan Ashe and the Endangered Species Act)

Press Release: Fish and Wildlife Service’s new proposed management rule to hamper recovery for Mexican gray wolves

Proposal’s benefits outweighed by increased leniency regarding killing of the imperiled lobos, Defenders of Wildlife, 7/24/14

Press Release: Feds Propose Roadmap for Mexican Gray Wolf's Future in Arizona, New Mexico

Wolves Would Get More Room to Roam But Face Increased Risk of Shootings, Center for Biological Diversity, 7/24/14

In the News: 6 Mexican wolves released in Gila

Associated Press, July 24, 2014

Op-Ed: Wildlife Stuck on Wrong End of ‘Balance’

Albuquerque Journal, July 20, 2014

Hearing Flyers and Handouts

Help Save the Lobo by Publicizing Hearings on Proposals that Threaten Their Survival and Recovery! August 2014

Changes Needed to Help Lobos Thrive!

You can help bring about policies needed for the long-term recovery of Mexican gray wolves with a phone call today. (Current, July 2014)

Mexico reports 1st litter of wolf cubs in the wild

San Francisco Chronicle, 7/17/2014

Blog: The 2014 Mexican Wolf Annual Meeting Begins

Wolf Conservation Center, July 15, 2014

Mexican Wolf Tee-shirt Design Contest!

Help save the Lobo and win a $50-$100 gift card and great PR for your artwork-open to all ages! Deadline 7/18/14

Press Release: Obama Administration Finalizes Disastrous Policy Limiting Protection of Endangered Species; Conservation Group Will Challenge in Court

Final Policy Nullifies Key Provision of Endangered Species Act  - Center for Biological Diversity

New Book: The Carnivore Way

Coexisting With and Conserving North America’s Predators

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report: May 1-31, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team (posted 6/18/14)

Status Report on Coronado Pack from USFWS

Mexican Wolf Coronado Pack Update - M1051 (Wesley) is a great stepfather to Ernesta's (F1126) pups

Blog: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service jumps in to save Mexican gray wolf pups, but are they going about it the right way?

Wolf Weekly Wrap-up, Defenders of Wildlife, 5/23/14 (posted 6/11/14)

In the News: Experiment aims to help Mexican gray wolf pups

Associated Press, 5/27/14 (posted 6/7/14)

Blog: Scottsdale Artist Lauren Strohacker: 100 Creatives

Phoenix New Times, Meet artist Lauren Strohacker

In the News: Conservation Groups Hope to Save the Mexican Gray Wolf Population

Science World Report, May 17, 2014

Lobo Biography #11: M1038, a Real Life Superwolf

By Jean Ossorio. Posted May 29, 2014

Events: Lobo Meetings in Flagstaff (6/3) and Albuquerque (6/5)!

Join our ABQ or Flagstaff Pack to help save the endangered Mexican gray wolf!

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report: April 1-30, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team (posted 5/27/14)

In the News: Conservation efforts aim to save endangered Mexican gray wolves

The Washington Post, May 16, 2014 (posted 5/20/14)

In the News: Nuisance payments for wolves to start

AZ Daily Sun, 5/15/14 (posted 5/20/14)

Editorial: Protect the Endangered Species Act

Scientific American, May 18, 2014

Editorial: Game and Fish Should Wait For Full Wolf EIS

Arizona Daily Sun, May 15, 2014

Blog: RIP – Huckleberry (M1275, Bluestem Pack)

Black Raven, Red Sneakers, May 18, 2014

Blog: How Do You Make a Wild Animal?

Slate: Wild Things, Lance Richardson, May 13, 2014

In the News: State: No Mexican gray wolves for Flagstaff area

AZ Daily Sun, May 11, 2014

Guest Column: Game and Fish plan makes it easier to kill wolves

'Extinction alternative' shows how out of touch the department is with Arizonans. AZ Republic, 5/7/14

In the News: Do Wolves, Cougars Help Curb Diseases?

Jackson Hole News & Guide

In the News: Mexican Wolf Found Dead on Arizona Reservation

Arizona Daily Star

In the News: AG&F Reports 48 Wolves in Blue Range Recovery Area

The Copper Era, April 30, 2014  (posted 05/04/14)

Guest Opinion: Game and Fish can't be trusted with wolf program

Arizona Daily Star, April 30, 2014

In the News: Wild Battle Rages Over Wolves, Wilderness And Politics Of Extinction

Payson Roundup, April 29, 2014  (posted 04/30/14)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report: March 1-31, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagence Field Team (posted 4/27/14)

Press Release: Arizona Game and Fish Endorses Plan to Ramp Up Killing of Endangered Wolves

April 25, 2014

In the News: Ariz. Bill Allowing Ranchers to Kill Wolves Also Vetoed

Capitol Media Services, Howard Fischer, April 23, 2014

Blog: How Should We Honor Earth Day?

Huffington Post Blog,  April 22, 2014 (posted 04/23/14)

This Earth Day, Help Lobos by Staying Informed and Getting Involved!

Join Our Email List, Contact a Group Near You, or Write a Letter (posted 4/22/14)

Oppose Anti-Wolf Bills in AZ Legislature!

Earth Day is the Call-in Day to urge Governor to veto bills that will impede Mexican wolf survival and recovery!! (updated 4/22/14)

Editorial: Confrontational Stance vs. Feds Borders on Irresponsible

Arizona Daily Sun, April 20, 2014

Blog: Why Do Wolves Howl?

Slate, Lance Richardson, April 14, 2014  (posted 04/18/14)

In the News: Arizona Senate OKs killing of endangered wolves

AZ Daily Star 4/16/14

Blog: Mexican Wolf M1141 Nears a Wild Future

Wolf Conservation Center, April 10, 2014 (posted 04/16/14)

In the News: Wolves with STL ties being released into wild

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (posted 4/15/14)

In the News: Arizona Legislation Targets Mexican Gray Wolves

GreenLiving AZ Magazine (posted 4/15/14)

In the News: While legislators fuel conflict over Mexican gray wolves Regular people sit down and work it out

White Mountain Independent, Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog: Wolf Wanderers; A New Study Reveals What Mexican Gray Wolves Need to Survive

Defenders of Wildlife (posted 4/7/14)

In the News: 2 Mexican Gray Wolf Pairs Being Released

Arizona Daily Sun, April 3, 2014  (posted 04/04/14)

Sperm Banking Revives Endangered Mexican Wolf

National Geographic, April 5, 2014  (posted 04/06/14)

Event: Sunday, April 6 - Dinner in Scottsdale Benefits Mexican Gray Wolves

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, Dinner With Wolves

In the News: Alpha Wolf Pack Sighted in Flagstaff

Arizona Daily Sun, April 1, 2014 (April Fools Day Joke Article)

Second Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest Results

Students Give Names to Mexican Wolf Pups Born in 2013

In the News: AZ Bill Targets Federal Wolf Recovery Program

Associated Press, March 21, 2014 (posted 3/26/14)

The 2014 Mexican Wolf Conservation Stamp

This year's stamp was designed by 9-year-old Turner Burns

Act to keep endangered species protections for wolves

Last day to comment on flawed gray wolf proposal! (3/27/14)

In the News: Reader View: Kids understand importance of wolves

Santa Fe New Mexican, March 22, 2014

In the News: Panel Says Federal Wolf Plan Used Unproven Science

Your comments are needed by March 27

Guest Column: Gray Wolf Delisting Not Sound Science

Tucson Sentinel, Lori Udall, March 12, 2014  (posted 3/19/14)

In the News: Senator Fights Wolf Reintroduction

Rim Country’s representative pushing bill to defy federal rules, Payson Roundup, 3/12/14 (posted 3/16/14)

In the News: Endangered Mexican gray wolf at heart of political battle in Southwest

Aljazeera America, March 13, 2014

In the News: 2 Brookfield Zoo Wolves Endure a Little Indignity to Increase Species

Chicago Sun-Times, March 3, 2014  (posted 03/10/14)

Help Give Mexican Wolf Pups Names With Our Second Annual Pup Naming Contest for Kids

Open to kindergarten through eighth grade. Deadline is March 14!

Editorial: Anti-Wolf Bills Clear Case of Over-Reaction

Arizona Daily Sun, March 6, 2014  (posted 03/09/14)

Urgent! AZ Anti-wolf bills in committee Monday!

Call AZ Committee on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources members now! (posted 3/6/14)

Editorial: House should listen to public on wolf issue

Our View: Don't follow in Senate's mean-spirited footsteps, AZ Republic 3/3/14 (posted 3/5/14)

In the News: Bob Thorpe Trims Wolf Proposal

Arizona Daily Sun, March 2, 2014  (posted 3/3/14)

In the News: Legislators Work to Cap Gray Wolves in Arizona

Arizona Republic, Brandon Loomis, February 27, 2014 (posted 03/01/14)

In the News: A Mexican gray wolf will be captured alive from the Gila National Forest

Uncollared wolf to be removed from the Gila National Forest. Silver City Sun News, 2/26/14

Urgent: Help stop the government’s plan to indiscriminately trap an endangered Mexican wolf!

Please Make Calls Today! (posted February 27, 2014)

In the News: Female wolves will boost gene pool

Albuquerque Journal 2/18/14 (posted 2/27/14)

In the News: Call Of The Wild Beckons Former Brookfield Zoo Wolf

Ernesta, Mate Expected to be Released This Spring in a Southwestern Forest, Chicago Tribune, February 16, 2014  (posted 2/23/14)

Urgent-Act Now to Protect Lobos!

AZ Legislation Threatening Mexican Wolf Recovery Can Still Be Stopped! (updated 2/21/14)

In the News: San Diego Wildlife Advocates Pave Way To Restore Gray Wolves In California

KPBS, February 18, 2014  (posted 02/19/14)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  January 1- 31, 2014 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 2/16/14)

Press Release: From Wolves To Beetles – Fish & Wildlife Science Tarnished

Service Manufactures Scientific Studies to Support Politically Negotiated Deals (posted 2/13/14)

In the News: Wolf population increases to 83

Terence Corrigan, White Mountain Independent, February 10, 2014 (posted 2/12/14)

Editorial: Denying federal authority costly, inconsistent

AZ Daily Sun on State Anti-wolf, Anti-govt. Bills, 2/9/14

Editorial: Wolves Are in The Crosshairs, Thanks to Sen. Gail Griffin

Our View: There's a Better Plan to Coexist With Ranchers, The Arizona Republic, February 4  (posted 2/7/14)

In the News: Sierra Club criticizes wolf legislation

Mojave Valley Daily News, February 5, 2014

In the News: Lawmakers Taking Aim at Federal Government

Mohave Valley Daily News, February 4, 2014  (posted 02/06/14)

Press Release: Mexican Wolf Numbers Slightly Up in 2014

Much More Needed to Ensure Species’ Long-Term Survival – WildEarth Guardians

Event: Make a Difference for wolves in 2014 – and beyond!

Citizen Lobby/Advocacy Workshop, Flagstaff, AZ February 11, 2014

Press Release: End Of Year Count Reveals Dismal Progress For Mx Gray Wolf Recovery

With only a marginal increase in numbers, odds are still against lobo survival-Defenders of Wildlife, 1/31/14

Press Release: Mexican Wolf Numbers Increase for 4th Consecutive Year

83 Wolves, 5 Breeding Pairs Live in Wild in Arizona, New Mexico – Center for Biological Diversity, 1/31/14

In the News: Mexican gray wolf population on the rise

Associated Press, January 31, 2014 Letters Needed!

In the News: Thorpe takes up cause of Arizona ranchers losing cattle to wolves

Legislation Threatens Endangered Wolves-please act today! (Posted 1/30/2014)

Blog: Will New Proposal Help or Hurt the Endangered Mexican Wolf?

VetStreet, January 22, 2014  (posted 01/29/14)

Economic Studies:

Wolves Bring Substantial Benefits (1/23/14)

In the News: White Mountain Independent Mexican Wolf News

Updates on Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area Packs (posted 1/15/2014)

Landmark Federal Legislation Turns 40 Years Old

Mexican Grey Wolves, Carlsbad Zoo Benefit From Endangered Species Act  (posted 1/15/14)

A Medical First to Enhance the Genetic Health of the Endangered Lobo

Wolf Conservation Center, January 14, 2014  (posted 1/15/14)

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project News

Monthly Status Report:  December 1- 31, 2013 - From the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team  (posted 1/9/14)

Act Now! Endangered Female Mexican Wolf Targeted for Government Trapping

Calls Needed to Keep Loba in Her Wild Home! (current Jan. 2014)

Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves Need a Modern Recovery Plan

Join scientists, Congressman Raul Grijalva,  and PEER  in calling for a science-based plan to guide Mexican wolf recovery! (updated 1/11/2014)

Job Announcement: Wyss Fellow: Greater Gila Advocate

WildEarth Guardians – January 17, 2014 Deadline  (posted 12/19/13)