291 weeks since last adult wolf release!
Lobos of the Southwest

The Mexican gray wolf, or lobo, is a critically endangered, native species that once numbered in the thousands throughout the Southwest and Mexico.

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  • Donate $10, and we can get important action information into the hands of 100 people.
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Only 131 lobos remained in the wild in the U.S. at last official count, making them one of the world’s most endangered wolves. We work for Mexican wolf recovery for the wolves’ own sake and for the opportunity they provide to bring a natural balance and fully functioning ecosystem back to our wild lands.

Since 2009, Mexicanwolves.org has organized effectively to mobilize support and defend these rare and wonderful animals.

We work to combat current and continuous threats to Mexican gray wolf survival and recovery, including:

  • Federal bills and riders have been introduced to take away Mexican gray wolves’ protections and severely undermine the Endangered Species Act that stands between the wolves and extinction.
  • The wild population is losing genetic diversity and state officials in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado have all taken actions to ban releases of Mexican wolves, defying federal law and peer reviewed science that says there must be Mexican wolf populations in these states for the wolves to recover.
  • The government continues to kill or permanently remove wolves from the wild over conflicts with livestock, even though proven non-lethal measures are available to prevent livestock losses and livestock businesses are compensated for wolf kills.
  • Operating without a scientifically valid recovery plan, US Fish and Wildlife Service has implemented policies that threaten the wolves’ recovery, including a boundary on their movements, capping their numbers in the wild, and loosening restrictions against killing wolves.

Your support is important to our work to build a positive movement to save the lobo.
  • Mexicanwolves.org is a one-stop resource for Mexican wolf news, information, and advocacy.
  • Our Facebook page, Mexican Gray Wolves, reaches over a million people all over the world with inspiration and actions to save our lobos.
  • We are working with Lobo activist packs, or Packtivist groups, in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah to help mobilize rapid, effective grassroots action to address threats and opportunities to promote recovery. Our packtivists hold community events and rallies, flood their local papers with letters to the editor, speak out for wolves at hearings, lobby elected and agency officials for pro-wolf policies, and raise awareness by tabling at local events.
  • Our members have helped organized hundreds of events and rallies to increase support and understanding for Mexican wolves.
  • During recent public comment periods on proposals critical to the Mexican wolf’s future, we turned out hundreds of supporters at hearings and helped generate over 140,000 comments that called for greater protections for lobos.
To ensure the survival and recovery of these special wolves, more needs to be done, and quickly. We need your help, for the wolves. Please donate today. No amount is too small.

Thank you for giving Mexican wolves the gift of ensuring strong advocacy on their behalf.

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