275 weeks since last adult wolf release!
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Wolves feed their neighbors


When Follow the Pack arrived, we saw three-toed raven tracks by the hundreds covering the ground around the carcass of an elk calf killed two nights earlier by the Hawk’s Nest Pack of Mexican wolves. The wolves had fed on the elk for two nights. Now ravens, coyotes, and an immature bald eagle were eating the wolves’ leftovers.

Follow the Pack returned to the scene of the elk kill after three more days. All that was left of the carcass was a nearly bare skeleton, minus two of the legs and a few other bones. When they killed the elk, the wolves provided food not just for themselves and their family, but also for many scavengers, or animals that eat carrion, the flesh of animals that are already dead. It is very likely that other animals, such as little mice, nibbled on the bones during the night. Many animals ate, and not a scrap was wasted.
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