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Expectant Mexican Wolf Mothers at Wolf Conservation Center

Videos of Current Mothers in Waiting and of Past Captive Bred Pups – 04/29/12


The Wolf Conservation Center is bringing an unlimited number of visitors into the private lives of two breeding pairs of critically endangered Mexican gray wolves via unobtrusive cameras in and around anticipated den sites.

By offering viewers a chance to witness the live birth of pups and follow the development of the pups in real time, they hope to accomplish two things: To capture the hearts and minds of viewers from all over the world and to inspire them to help safeguard the future of endangered wolves and the habitat they require.

Click here to see live video feeds of M740 and F749’s enclosure and den.

Click here to see live video feeds of M805 and F837’s enclosure and den.

We have been watching the live videos closely and are hopeful to see some pups very soon!  If you just HAVE to see some pups NOW, check out some of these videos from past captive bred litters.

How Quickly Do Mexican Gray Wolf Pups Grow?
12/31/2011 – Endangered Wolf Center

12 week old Mexican gray wolf puppies
10/11/2010 – Endangered Wolf Center

Mexican wolf pups playing
07/10/2011 – California Wolf Center

Little Mexican gray wolf pups
06/24/2011 – California Wolf Center