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Lobo Activist Toolkit-A Good Start for a New Year!

Want to get more involved? Check out the new Lobo Activist Toolkit - everything you need to translate passion into action!


Public opinion research and polling (NM , AZ) shows consistently that lobo supporters are in the majority in the southwestern United States. By translating the passion that we feel for wolves into action, we can make a real difference in turning Mexican wolf management around towards real success. Remember, it is only because so many of us took action in the first place that Mexican wolves were brought back from extinction in the wilds of the Southwest and reintroduced in Arizona and New Mexico.

In recent years, the Mexican gray wolf’s supporters brought about significant changes using tools like those below. These include ending a destructive policy of killing or permanently removing from the wild wolves that depredated on three or more livestock a year, a ban on trapping in the wolf recovery area, and movement toward the lobo’s own listing for stronger Endangered Species Act protections!

This page lists many ways for lobo lovers to be effective advocates for recovery. Please feel free to use and share the information here with others who care about the success of Mexican gray wolves!

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Get out into wolf country
In the wild, Mexican wolves are vulnerable to  illegal killing and agency decisions to remove or kill them because of depredation on livestock.  Supportive observers on the ground can help reduce this vulnerability and document conditions, including the presence of livestock carcasses that can lead to depredation.
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Write letters to influence decision-makers
Letters, whether they’re addressed to the editor of a newspaper, members of Congress, or key people in wildlife and land management agencies, are an effective way to show that you care strongly, are paying attention, and are holding decision-makers accountable for lobo recovery.

Write a letter to the editor
Write to your elected officials
Write a letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency responsible for recovering Mexican gray wolves.

Table to Educate the Public
In this age of online social networking, face to face contact is still a very effective way to educate and engage members of the public with regard to endangered Mexican gray wolves. You can set up a table at public places, like your local library, or during events in your community, and get the word out! Anything in the Lobo Activist Toolkit can be used for tabling; some basic handouts for tabling are below: 
Current action alert(s)

Addresses for Arizona elected officials in Congress 

Addresses for New Mexico elected officials in Congress

Sign up sheets for Lobos of the Southwest email list
Downloadable, printable stickers

Mexican gray wolf printable brochures


Coloring book page for kids

Help stop illegal killings
In June, federal officials issued a report on the decline of the wild Mexican wolf population to a dangerous low of only 42 at the end of 2009. According to the report, illegal wolf killings are the leading cause of death for Mexican gray wolves. Between 1998 and June 2009, 31 Mexican gray wolves were killed illegally. Another 47 mysteriously disappeared. Tragically, three more highly endangered Mexican gray wolves, two of whom were the alpha males of their packs, were found shot or dead under suspicious circumstances last summer. These killings have to stop. You can help by publicizing the reward of up to $60,000 for information about criminals killing Mexican wolves.
Reward poster handout with link to download posters

Reward poster

Host or attend presentations and events
Give a Lords of Nature DVD presentation or host a house party

Schedule a speaker for your event – email info@mexicanwolves.org

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Photo credits from top to bottom: Mexican gray wolf courtesy of the AZ Zoological Society, Jean Ossorio, Kaisa Lappalainen and raptor friend, Tabling with children courtesy of the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, Lords of Nature courtesy of Green Fire Productions

Lobo Activist Toolkit - everything you need to translate passion into action!" />