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WEBINAR: A Critical Evaluation of Legal and Illegal Killing of Native Predators

Our friends at Project Coyote and the Rewilding Institute have posted a recording of an important presentation by Dr. Adrian Treves that you can view here.


For more information, visit Project Coyote.

Project Coyote Science Advisory Board Member Dr. Adrian Treves founded the Carnivore Coexistence Lab at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research on how to balance human needs with wildlife conservation entails deep exploration of people’s conflicts with large carnivores, with a particular focus on livestock predation in the USA and abroad. This line of inquiry includes livestock husbandry, wildlife management, human and carnivore behavior, and methods for preventing human-carnivore conflicts. In this free webinar, Adrian presented a critical evaluation of the legal and illegal killing of native predators, discussed whether scientific evidence supports the hypothesized benefits of predator-killing policies, and gave a scientific perspective on future policy recommendations.