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Wolf protectors in the U.S. call your Senators today



Wolf protectors everywhere in the U.S.: call your Senators TODAY!

Congress will vote this week on a budget to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. The Republican majority is threatening to attach sneaky anti-wolf “riders” to the thousands-pages-long, must-pass budget.

The rider with the most momentum would take wolves in the Midwest off of the endangered-species list, subjecting them to hunting and other persecution, and undermining the Endangered Species Act. Another rider aims to strip Mexican gray wolves of their protections. And some congresspeople want to go further and exclude all wolves from the safety net that is the Endangered Species Act.

Since 2011, when wolves in Idaho and Montana lost their endangered-species protections through a similar, underhanded congressional rider, over three thousand have been killed with bullets (often after being trapped) and by strangulation snares.

Don’t let it happen again!

Call your Senators and tell them to say NO to all anti-wolf riders!

Congress Switch Board: 202-224-3121
Find your Senators here