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Great Pro-Wolf Letters to the Editor – Thanks For Speaking Up For Mexican Wolves

Thank you to all who have submitted letters!

Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is an excellent way to raise awareness about critically endangered Mexican gray wolves and the steps needed to help them thrive. Surveys of newspaper readers show that the letters page is among the most closely read parts of the paper. It’s also the page policy-makers look to as a barometer of public opinion.

Below are some recent letters that have been published.

Wolf shooting provokes outrage
Albuquerque Journal — April 16, 2013

THANK YOU for your April 4 story, “Wildlife Services Employee Investigated in Wolf Death.” This situation is wrong on so many levels! The public must understand that the federal wildlife service is about killing animals, even endangered species, and they are paid by our tax dollars to do so. They ought to be helping ranchers to coexist with predators by using proven methods such as guard dogs, fladry (flags strung alone fences to deter wolves) and more.

One must wonder how a wildlife “specialist” can shoot an endangered wolf. Mistaken identity? Should someone who can’t tell the difference between a wolf and a coyote have this job?

Wolves live in family groups and the loss of one can endanger the entire pack. With only 75 or so Mexican wolves in the wild we cannot afford to lose even one! More wolves need to be introduced to the wild, and they need to be truly protected as an endangered species, especially from the same federal agencies designed to do so!

Roughly 75 percent of New Mexicans want our lobo to have its place in our culture and ecosystem. Wolves are on our public lands and 75 percent should (hold) sway over a small but loud group of special-interest folk.

Sandia Park

Decrying crimes against wolves
Albuquerque Journal — April 16, 2013
THANK YOU for your article on the recent wolf killing by a wildlife specialist. This is devastating. It is impossible for me to believe that wildlife specialists can’t tell wolves from dogs or do something besides killing the animal. These imperiled creatures are already on the verge of extinction. I think we need to put this agency on trial. When are we humans going to wake up and see that the keystone species, such as the wolf, need to be protected at all costs?

As a priest and a nature lover I implore the public to decry these crimes against the wolves and other endangered species. Let us make our voices heard!

Priest, Church of Antioch
Santa Fe

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