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Great Letters to the Editor from Lobo Advocates!

Writing a letter to the editor is an excellent way to raise awareness about critically endangered Mexican gray wolves and the steps needed to help them thrive. Surveys of newspaper readers show that the letters page is among the most closely read parts of the paper. It’s also the page policy-makers look to as a barometer of public opinion. We applaud these fine letter writers, who are making a difference for endangered lobos!  We hope that these letters will motivate you to be a voice for wolves.

Morrison Defends Mexican Gray Wolf
Copper Country News, November 11, 2015

Dear Editor:

First I would like to say I’m completely in favor of the reintroduction of the Mexican Gray Wolves to their natural place in the ecosystem. Now here are some facts – not fairy tales – about wolves.

Humans pose the greatest threat to wolves. Once, humans literally eliminated them from the wild. It took a major captive breeding program to keep them from disappearing forever. Once again, humans pose a problem by challenging their reintroduction.

Onto government sentiment contributes to humans intolerance, as do misconceptions and myths concerning wolves. It seems to make no difference that the fact is less than 1 percent of livestock deaths are due to wolves and more importantly, there has never – that’s correct NEVER – been an attack on a human.

Unfortunately, due to the ignorance of people, the illegal killing of wolves continues to be the main cause of death of these beautiful and greatly maligned creatures.

People, please get your facts correct and allow the U.S. to reintroduce the Mexican Gray Wolf to the land that was once theirs.

Faye Morrison


Local hunters’ interests being ignored
Albuquerque Journal, November 9, 2015

I READ WITH interest the banter about the Mexican gray wolf situation. I’m on the side of the feds with this.

We all know the New Mexico Game Commission is appointed by Gov. (Susana) Martinez, whose agenda is funded by big money from out of state. Big outfitters are also funded mainly from big money from out of state.

As long as the Game Commission and big outfitters have their way, the local hunter hunting for meat will be pushed out by hunting for money and trophies.



Arizona Daily Sun, October 22, 2015

RE: Arizona Game & Fish commissioners do not qualify for science-based decisions

In support of Roxane George’s letter, which stated “[AZ and NM] have a broken system “¦which assigns authority over wildlife to those who serve a narrow political agenda, rather than those who are best qualified and willing to follow and implement the best available science for the good of all the state’s wildlife, especially endangered species.” The biographies of Arizona commissioners reveal none has a science background. All are unqualified political appointees representing a narrow, frightened, unscientific political stance. Two are members of a foundation dedicated to the “protection” of the Mexican wolves’ prey species: elk. Unbiased, informed decisions will NEVER come from these politically chosen commissioners.

Genetic drift now threatens the genetic health of the recovery of the grey wolf in Arizona and New Mexico. The 110 members of free-roaming wolf packs now on public lands are too closely related.Their genetic status is that of brother and sister; an unacceptable concept in ANY population.

The solution is to release genetically unrelated wolves currently in captivity due to failed Game and Fish commission decisions in both states. U.S. Fish and Wildlife must not abrogate to opinions from unqualified groups. Neither the New Mexico nor Arizona commissions have enforcement authority; and worse, no scientific basis to their decisions.

Congratulations to USFW on their decision to ignore N.M. Game and Fish and to continue with release plans on the Gila National Forest. Maybe they’ll take that same courage to an Arizona wild release policy and ignore Arizona Game and Fish.



Letters to the editor are powerful tools read by the public and policy makers.

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