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Fourth Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest Results

We are happy to announce the winners of our Fourth Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest!

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade participated in the contest in teams or as individuals. Altogether, 121 contestants from around the world submitted 104 entries that included art or essays along with the names the contestants chose. From these, 9 names were chosen as winners to name the 9 pups born in 2015 who have been collared and recorded by the Mexican wolf interagency field team.

An additional 13 names were selected as runners up, whose name selections will be assigned to pups if and when additional pups are collared.  The remaining entries all received honorable mentions.

The contest judges had a very difficult task. Entries were ranked based on a combination of the pup name, the art or essay, and the reason given for the name. It was evident that a great deal of thought, creativity and passion went into the entries we received.

These young people and their teachers and parents give us hope for the future of Mexican gray wolves and we think that they are all WINNERS!

You can click the wolf pup names to see the actual entries.

Auiu — Marble Pack male pup 1440 — Submitted by Minahala A., 2nd Grade
“I want to propose a name for a Mexican Wolf Pup. I live in Mexico, and it is very important for me, because I love wolves, specially this species, that has the name of my Country.

The name I would like a Pup would use is AUIU, because that way sounds their howl and I hope very much to listen it at our mountains again.

Thank you for help saving our wolves. Please continue.”

Bosque — Hawk’s Nest Pack male pup 1453 — Submitted by Brendan B., 6th Grade
“The name I chose for the wolf pup is Bosque, which means “forest” in Spanish. The reason I chose this name was because of how important wolves are to the life cycle of the forest.

Wolves are a huge part of the forest, and play a big part in keeping the forest healthy. For example, just having a pack of wolves scare off a couple of deer can help the trees grow taller, and help the plants mature. This is because now, the deer are not eating the leaves off of the trees or the leaves from the plants. Also, because the trees and plants are growing, the bears have more berries to eat making the bears stronger and healthier.

In addition to the trees, plants and bears being more healthy, many other plants and animals are positively affected by the wolves existence in the forest. These are just a few examples of ways that wolves contribute to the health of the forest and why I believe that Bosque is a perfect name for the wolf pup.”

Esprit — Marble Pack female pup 1442 — Submitted by Bria Shay N. 3rd Grade
“Esprit is French for ‘Spirit’.  I picked this name because wolves have a beautiful spirit and deserve to be protected.”

Kiko — Hoodoo Pack male pup 1441 — Submitted by Olivia W., 6th Grade
“I chose this name because my uncle Kiko’s favorite animal was the Mexican Grey Wolf. It is nearing the ninth anniversary without him. He died of brain cancer in 2007 when his daughters were nine and six. Because of his love for Mexican Grey Wolves, our family has adopted a Mexican Grey Wolf at the Albuquerque Zoo in our uncle’s name for the last nine years. So whenever we go to the zoo, we look for the wolf we call Kiko. Kiko is a diminutive of Enrique, which is a Hispanic name; the subspecies of this wolf is called the Mexican Grey Wolf. My uncle Kiko’s formative years were spent along the border between Mexico and the U.S., which is the historical range of the Mexican Grey Wolf. In conclusion, my uncle Kiko embodied many of the characteristics of the Mexican Wolf: strength, endurance, intelligence, adaptability, and the devotion to family.”

Leopold — Lava Pack male pup 1446 — Submitted by Team Elliot C. & Aldo M., 6th Grade
“This name is appropriate because this is connected to Aldo Leopold. Aldo Leopold was one of the first people to notice the effects of our impacts. This is relevant because these wolves have been almost extinct by our human actions. We’re sure that Aldo Leopold’s actions have helped wolves and their ecosystems and so this is a perfect candidate for a wolf pup name. He was one of the driving forces in creating the first wilderness areas which help wolves and other animals thrive.

Libre — Tsay o Ah Pack female pup 1445 — Submitted by Eleanor Wilhelm, 3rd Grade
“Because Mexican wolves should be free.”

Mago – Diamond Pack male pup 1447 — Submitted by Oliver Lee-Mock, 5th Grade

“The Night of Wolves”
Sound spread through the night like a wizard flashing his wand, casting spells.
Different critters scattered the forest like being chased, but there stood the truth, a big animal.
It stood on a tall rock like it was ruling a kingdom.
There on that tall rock stood a wolf, but not just any wolf.
It was a Mexican gray wolf.
And then it fount its name.

Stella — Dark Canyon Pack female pup 1444 — Submitted by Branna Vender, 2nd Grade
“My name for a wolf is Stella, because Stella means stars in Italian.  And stars go with the moon.  And wolves howl at the moon.”

Suki — Diamond Pack male pup 1454 — Submitted by Team Anna G. and Phoebe C., 6th Grade
“Suki is a Japanese word for beloved. One of the main reasons we chose Suki is because wolves are so beloved to us and the ecosystems around them. And we feel that this is how everyone should feel about wolves. For example when the wolf population was low in Yellowstone National Park, the amount of elk and deer in the park was very high. When humans released the grey wolves back into Yellowstone they began to scare the deer and elk away from valleys and gorges, which meant more plants started growing in the valleys and gorges. Because of this more birds came to eat the seeds of the plants and bears came to eat the berries off of the shrubs. Beavers also came to eat the trees which gave shelter to otters, weasels, etc. Wolves also killed coyotes so more rabbits and mice came, which meant more hawks and bald eagles came to eat them. Not to mention the rivers changed too. There was less meandering, less erosion, pools formed, and all of which gave more access to habitats. So wolves are pretty beloved to the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem. Beloved also means to like and to love, and we both like and love wolves. This is why we LOVE the name Suki, and we hope you do too. It would mean the world to us just to know that there is a wolf out there that we got to name. So thank you for considering the name Suki.”

Runner Ups

Artemis — Submitted by Team Levi L. and Elijah O.

Courage — Submitted by Renea Stratton

Faith — Submitted by Alejandro G.

Isra — Submitted by Brianna Edwards

Lupin — Submitted by Cleo C.

Lupin — Submitted by Andrea S.

Moon Flower Wolf — Submitted by Nimue Genocchio

Oro — Submitted by Jasilynn Preston

Phoenix — Submitted by Ava D.

Phoenix — Submitted by Lauren Carter

Selene — Submitted by Luc C.

Sniffie — Submitted by Charlotte E.A. Milos

Soledad — Submitted by Itzel H.

Tsuki — Submitted by Team Naomi W. & Josie V.

Yazhi — Submitted by Team Hawthorn B-W, Lauren H, & Katia C.

Honorable Mentions

Angus — Submitted by Sean C.

Aura — Submitted by Kyera C.

Bear — Submitted by Aiden W.

Bela — Submitted by Madelynne W.

Bellatrix — Submitted by Team Anele Careaga C. & Alexis S.

Bucky — Submitted by Simei R.

Canela — Submitted by Alexis C.

Care — Submitted by Eli C.

Catori — Submitted by Team Anthony S. & Paolo V.

Chalupa Batman — Submitted by Esme B.

Chester — Submitted by William Cyphery

Choopie — Submitted by Nick B.

Clan — Submitted by Everett J.

Clark — Submitted by Connor Q.

Condimentar — Submitted by Emiliano G.

Constellation – Submitted by Ralph Nicholas King

Crimson or Alastar — Submitted by Sydney C.

Destiny — Submitted by Gabriela H.

Dixie — Submitted by Team Kenneth and Colton M.

Dream — Submitted by Rayne M.

Dusty — Submitted by Carter B.

Echo — Submitted by Team Colin D. & Connor B.

Equilibrar — Submitted by Ella A.

Espiritu — Submitted by Erick M.

Europa — Submitted by Hala A.

Flow — Submitted by Tyler C.

Freedom — Submitted by Elena F.

Friendship — Submitted by Enrique G.

Fuego — Submitted by Team Alex B. & Luke R.

Harrison — Submitted by Hannah J. Mikesell

Howler — Submitted by Nika C.

Hunter — Submitted by Camille W., Cristian F., Damian M., and Tahir M.

Hurricane — Submitted by Adam H.

Inconnue — Submitted by Turner Burns

Irresistible — Submitted by Brody W.

Jesse — Submitted by Kalan C.

Lbus — Submitted by Nerissa Genocchio

Light — Submitted by Bennett H.

Little Lobo — Submitted by Tyler H.

Lucy — Submitted by Jeanmarie C.

Maple — Submitted by Team Raila J. & Katelyn P.

Meat — Submitted by Makalia Marie M.

Mercuri — Submitted by Cesiah Gonzalez

Mr. Key — Submitted by Graham D.

Naturist — Submitted by Macy K.

Oak — Submitted by Team Aidan C. & Jay C.

Oso — Submitted by Saharah King

Pan — Submitted by Jake M.

Pioneer — Submitted by Aavry S.

Poco Salvaje — Submitted by Lauren B.

Prime — Submitted by Jack M.

Ranger — Submitted by Gabriel H.

Robot — Submitted by Genevieve Genocchio

Ruby — Submitted by Team Lauren A. & Elena H.

Rusty — Submitted by Jaimee G. and Team Lance R. & Davis M.

Rustypaw — Submitted by Connor W.

Scout — Submitted by Aidan B.

Silver — Submitted by Yarden G.

Skrilley — Submitted by Nicolas D.

Smokey — Submitted by Jayden G.

Spark — Submitted by Damian C.

Spice — Submitted by Juliana W.

Storm — Submitted by Amber T.

Tiger — Submitted by Sienna C.

Transformador — Submitted by Carter E. and Tay H.

Tricky — Submitted by Jesus M.

Trinity — Submitted by Trinity S.

Valiente — Submitted by Avery P. Corina

Vanilla — Submitted by Alyssa O.

Vida de Belleza — Submitted by Andre K.

Westie — Submitted by Constance Y.

Wisp — Submitted by Dayle A.

Wolfgang — Submitted by Nicolai M-O.

Zeus — Submitted by Carson G.

For the most recent Mexican Wolf Blue Range Reintroduction Project Monthly Update with information about these pups’ packs, click here.

You can view all of the entries here:

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