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Eighth Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest Results

We are happy to announce the winners of our Eighth Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest!

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade participated in the contest in teams or as individuals. Altogether, more than 100 contestants from around the world submitted 89 entries that included art or essays along with the names the contestants chose. From these, 24 names were chosen as winners to name the 24 pups born in 2019 who have been collared and recorded by the Mexican Wolf interagency Field Team.

An additional 30 names were selected as runners up, whose name selections will be assigned to pups if and when additional pups are collared.  The remaining entries all received honorable mentions.

The contest judges had a very difficult task. Entries were ranked based on a combination of the pup name, the art or essay, and the reason given for the name. It was evident that a great deal of thought, creativity and passion went into the entries we received. These young people and their teachers and parents give us hope for the future of Mexican gray wolves and we think that they are all WINNERS!


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Names Assigned to Collared Pups Born in 2019


Prime Canyon Pack

male pup 1921

Submitted by Asher C. & Bryson W.

7th Grade


Hoodoo Pack

female pup 1936

Submitted by Ludi Briscoe

6th Grade


Hoodoo Pack

female pup 1938

Submitted by A. Nye

7th Grade


Panther Creek Pack

female pup 1939

Submitted by Sienna S.

3rd Grade


Colibri Pack

male pup 1856

Submitted by Team Jake U., Ronan B., Danny B.

3rd Grade


Tu dil hil Pack

female pup 1841

Submitted by Nimuë Genocchio

3rd Grade


Squirrel Springs Pack

male pup 1857

Submitted by Team Straube – Harrison, Luke & Bennett

1st & 3rd Grade


Mangas Pack

male pup 1859

Submitted by Rhiannon Golden

6th Grade

This name was also submitted by another student, M.C.

Lichen Veil

Prime Canyon Pack

female pup 1916

Submitted by Prophet Andazola

7th Grade


Prime Canyon Pack

female pup 1918

Submitted by Anna B.

3rd Grade


Prieto Pack

male pup 1846

Submitted by S.S.

4th Grade


Saffel Pack

male pup 1852

Submitted by Elizabeth Beutler

7th Grade


Saffel Pack

female pup 1844

Submitted by Nerissa Genocchio

5th Grade


Saffel Pack

male pup 1854

Submitted by Sofia Marra

5th Grade


Dark Canyon Pack

male pup 1855

Submitted by Natalie A.

8th Grade


Prime Canyon Pack

female pup 1919

Carter Burleson

4th Grade


Saffel Pack

female pup 1851

Submitted by J.D.

6th Grade


Mangas Pack

male pup 1839

Submitted by Luke Ryan Straube

3rd Grade


Prieto Pack

male pup 1845

Submitted by Saharah King

3rd Grade


Mangas Pack

female pup 1840

Submitted by Ripley

3rd Grade


Sheep Herders Baseball Pack

female pup 1837

Submitted by Harry W.

4th Grade

Harry also submitted a slide show that can be viewed here.


Prime Canyon Pack

female pup 1920

Submitted by Ralph Nicholas King

3rd Grade


Mangas Pack

male pup 1842

Submitted by Bennett Straube

3rd Grade


Single Wolf in New Mexico

female pup 1847

Submitted by Sami

5th Grade


These names will be assigned to future collared pups from 2019.

You can click the wolf pup names to see the actual entries.

Arcadia – Submitted by Lucy Nelson & Makayla Paxton, 7th Grade

Bliss – Submitted by Harrison Straube, 1st Grade

Flowlan – Submitted by Audri G., 6th Grade

Gris – Submitted by Aurora G., 6th Grade

Horizon – Submitted by Keira Noonan, 6th Grade

Jaeger – Submitted by Carter Burleson, 4th Grade

Kiki – Submitted by Lincoln Ellis, Elliot M., Elizabeth M., Kiara F., and Helen L, 7th Grade (Kiki page 2)

Lupa – Submitted by Ann N, & Dylan T., 3rd Grade

Matzi – Submitted by Rhiannon Golden, 6th Grade

Rakasha – Submitted by Michael Benjamin, 6th Grade

Sage – Submitted by Micah Liming, 6th Grade

Sakil – Submitted by Marco R., 5th Grade

Skylar – Submitted by Lillian, 3rd Grade

Spring – Submitted by Alyssa Bierer, 6th Grade

Thor – Submitted by Team Scout S. & Ashley B., 7th Grade

Honorable Mentions

Alabaster – Submitted by Bel Hargreaves, 3rd Grade

Alfred – Submitted by Julian Biddle Pole G., 4th Grade

Alpha – Submitted by Michael Benjamin, 6th Grade

Amelia – Submitted by Leighton M., 3rd Grade

Babytooth – Submitted by Silas Rain, 1st Grade

Basil – Submitted by Team Mason Sauer, Quincy Jensen, & Witt Rolf, 7th Grade

Bluebonnet – Submitted by Lexie D., 5th Grade

Dusk for Boy, Dawn for Girl – Submitted by Grace Rudolph, 5th Grade

Braver– Submitted by G. Wagner, 3rd Grade

Bravery – Submitted by Helen A., 3rd Grade

Chile – Submitted by Ferran Lozano, 5th Grade

Chili – Submitted by Alexis S., 5th Grade

Citlali – Submitted by Teddy W., 1st Grade

Everest – Submitted by Ali L., 3rd Grade Falcon – Submitted by Riley Freed, 3rd Grade

Flower – Submitted by Madison Straube, 1st Grade

Galaxy – Submitted by Colton Rippey, 4th Grade

Herobrine – Submitted by Team Alex Ekpo & Kingston Shaia, 3rd Grade

Howler – Submitted by Reynaldo Ramos, 2nd Grade

Hunter – Submitted by Liam Shay, 3rd Grade

Hunter – Submitted by Declyn McBride, 3rd Grade

Jackson – Submitted by B.B., 3rd Grade

Leap – Submitted by Stella Silk, 3rd Grade

Lightning – Submitted by Steven Marra, 1st Grade

Luna Love – Submitted by M.W., 7th Grade

Mounty – Submitted by Abigail Paris, 3rd Grade

Oreo – Submitted by 1st Grade Class at Davis Elementary

Packer – Submitted by Lily McDonough, 3rd Grade

Relámpago Cazador – Submitted by N. S., 3rd Grade

Rhyno – Submitted by Ryan, 6th Grade

Samin – Submitted by Samin Zamanian, 6th Grade

Sapphire – Submitted by S. D., 5th Grade

Scout – Submitted by Zachary A., 4th Grade

Shooting Star – Submitted by Camille Carol Beutler, Kindergarten

Silver – Submitted by Jackson Bastian, 3rd Grade

Spencer – Submitted by Alexis Barker, 5th Grade

Sprinter – Submitted by Sean W., 3rd Grade

Starson – Submitted by Daniel F. Beutler, 2nd Grade

Thalia – Submitted by K. F., 7th Grade

Wendy – Submitted by Emily R., 3rd Grade

Wildflower – Submitted by Evelyn Souccar, 3rd Grade

Winston – Submitted by Zach C., 7th Grade

Wolfgang – Submitted by A.R., 3rd Grade

Wolfie – Submitted by John White, 3rd Grade

Wolfie – Submitted by Khalid Saif, 3rd Grade

For the most recent Mexican Wolf Blue Range Reintroduction Project Monthly Update with information about these pups’ packs, click here.

You can view all of the entries here:

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

3rd Grade – 5th Grade – Page 1

3rd Grade – 5th Grade – Page 2

3rd Grade – 5th Grade – Page 3

3rd Grade – 5th Grade – Page 4

3rd Grade – 5th Grade – Page 5

3rd Grade – 5th Grade – Page 6

6th Grade – 8th Grade – Page 1

6th Grade – 8th Grade – Page 2

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