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Take Action to Keep Wolves Protected

Pressure is being applied to many members of Congress for legislation to push wolves nationwide, even the small, struggling population of Mexican gray wolves, towards extinction. Bills or riders aimed at stripping endangered wolves of federal protections put more than wolves in peril – they threaten all wildlife and the Endangered Species Act itself. Wolves are being used as pawns in a larger effort to sink the ark that provides for the conservation of all animals. Please contact members of Congress and the Secretary of the Interior today and urge them to oppose any anti-wolf legislation.

Become a Packtivist for Mexican Wolves

We are looking for supporters who are ready to take the next step and fully engage in advocacy for Mexican gray wolves. Our goal is to have packs of activists in key communities, dedicated to organizing for the wolves. If you’ll go to bat for the lobos, we will provide support, resources, materials and training in exchange for your time and commitment.  We have established lobo activist packs, or Packtivists, in cities and towns throughout the Southwest. We are working to expand the Packtivist program in new locations.

Write Letters and Make Calls to Influence Decision Makers

Letters, whether they’re addressed to the editor of a newspaper, members of Congress, or key people in wildlife and land management agencies, are an effective way to show that you care strongly, are paying attention, and are holding decision-makers accountable for lobo recovery. Your letter will go directly to editorial staff or government officials. We do not have access to your letter and cannot review it.

Table to Educate Others

In this age of online social networking, face to face contact is still a very effective way to educate and engage members of the public with regard to endangered Mexican gray wolves. You can set up a table at public places, like your local library, or during events in your community, and get the word out!

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

In this day and age social media is becoming the number one tool for communicating with each other. Grow the campaigns on Facebook and Twitter by sharing and posting lobo action items and including the hashtags, #iamessential and/or #SavetheLobo. Like and follow us on our social media pages. Share our latest posts! Use these images as your profile picture on your social media accounts:

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