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“Call for the Wolves” We all belong in the web of life

Elke Edith Duerr, New Mexico filmmaker, educator, and conservationist, will launch her new educational lecture series in July.

Duerr’s documentary film “Stories of wolves-The Lobo returns” is an examination of the Mexican gray wolf recovery program in New Mexico. It’s a story with many subplots because of the dynamic relationship of the wolf to the various communities who now share its habitat: the ranchers, the conservationists, the Native American cultures, and the other animals that depend upon its presence to maintain a healthy ecological system.

Just as much as it’s a film about wolves, it’s also about the people of New Mexico and their stand in making this program a success or a failure. And ultimately it is about the vanishing wildness inside and outside of us.

There are currently only about 40 lobos left in the wild.

Educational Lecture Series Program

  • Introduction
  • Mexican Gray Wolf:  The most endangered animal in North America: Debunking the myth of the abominable killer beast.
  • The Mexican Gray Wolf’s impact on the ecosystem
           Stills from wolf country
  • Break
  • Musical Presentation
         Jazzy Intermission by Friends of Wolves
  • We all belong in the web of life:  Solutions to a peaceful co-existence between livestock and predators
  • Documentary on the Wolves: A short film on the Mexican Gray Wolf

Educational Lecture Series Program Schedule:

  • Saturday, July 17 12:00 pm Wild Life West Park, Edgewood, New Mexico
    (505) 281-7655
  • Friday, July 30th 8:00pm The Kosmos* 1715 Fifth Street NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico (505) 234-4611
  • Saturday, July 31 Open Space Visitor Center Coors Blvd.  Albuquerque, New Mexico
    (505) 897-8831

The performance on Friday, July 30th  at the Kosmos will be an educational outreach talk and fundraiser. The evening will begin with wine and food followed by Ms. Duerr and a musical presentation by “Friends of the Wolves” and silent art auction. Doors open at 7:00 pm.  Tickets for this event will be $15. 

Elke Duerr says, “Since my early childhood days I have been deeply drawn to experience different countries, cultures and the many facets of our natural world. Gaia, the Great Mother, our Planet Earth and its many creatures and abundant plant life has inspired me to create, film, write, teach and tell its story of immeasurable beauty and interconnectedness.

I grew up in Germany, came to New Mexico as a young woman and ultimately fell in love with its wilderness, wild animals and wide-open spaces.

Our Mexican gray wolves, the most endangered mammals in all of North America have just recently been reintroduced into the wild after a long absence. In a dream they called me back to New Mexico to make the film I had been longing to make for a long time: “Stories of Wolves-The Lobo returns”. There was no turning back. I bought a return flight to New Mexico and started the most important project of my life.

It has been an incredible journey producing, filming and editing this documentary, giving outreach talks about the wolves in schools and in the community and collaborating with wolf experts in the US and Europe.

While the wolves are the protagonists of the film it is also about us New Mexicans and our stand in making the wolf reintroduction program a success or a failure. It is up to every single one of us right now to assess where we stand in this issue and where we would like to go from here. The project has met with immeasurable support from the community and a strong commitment to making a stand for our wolves.

It is my heart’s desire that we create a healthy long-term relationship between nature and people.
We all belong in the web of life.”

Duerr is the founder of “Wild Wolf Film-Advancing the coexistence of wilderness and civilization”. You may e-mail her at: info@wildwolffilm.com, visit her blog at: http://wolfpack.typepad.com, and visit her website at: LINK BROKEN. For information on educational outreach talks visit: http://www.wildwolffilm.com/Elke_Duerr.pdf




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