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On January 21, 2017, a young male Mexican gray wolf, known only by his biological number, M1425, crossed the international border from Mexico to the U.S. where a vehicle barrier exists. He migrated into New Mexico from about 150 miles south in Chihuahua. The intrepid wolf trotted up to spend a day in Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument and wandered through Las Cruces on the 23rd. He headed south again and slipped back into Mexico near Ciudad Juarez through a gap along the border fence on Jan. 24th. He had traveled nearly 600 miles.

The Santa Theresa section of border wall now under construction will replace vehicle barriers with impenetrable wall just east of the barriers M1425 was able to get through.

Science shows Mexican gray wolves need connected populations for recovery. This incident highlights the importance of an open international corridor connecting the two existing Mexican gray wolf populations. Any barrier that impedes movement between them threatens the success of recovery, including an extended border wall.

By participating in this naming contest, you are helping him tell his story and fight the funding and construction of wildlife impenetrable border walls.

Contest Ends June 18

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