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Ask the Forest Service to Close Unneeded Roads in Mexican Wolf territory!

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is taking public comments on its Draft Travel Management Plan. Too many forest roads in Lobo territory fragment their habitat and make it easier for criminals to find and kill them. This is a key opportunity for us to close unnecessary roads that endanger Mexican gray wolves!

Send An Easy E-Postcard to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest Today to Make Sure the Travel Management Plan Protects Wolves!

You can help close unnecessary roads that endanger lobos by sending a very brief e-mail to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.

Simply copy and paste the message below into an email, and add a simple sentence or two of your own. Please add your name and address at the end, because anonymous letters get little attention. Remember, too, that polite requests are more effective.

Dear Supervisor Knopp,
I am concerned that so many Mexican gray wolves are being killed illegally.  Roads in and near areas that wolves frequent contribute to this.  We have had 9 illegal killings in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest: 
1. F645, Saddle pack disperser, 11/5/01
2. M630, Lupine pack disperser, 12/2/01
3. M639, Cerro pack, 3/9/03
4. F644, Cerro pack, 5/25/03
5 & 6. AM1044 and two-year-old male pack member M1189, were illegally shot in the general vicinity of Crosby Crossing, Summer 2010
7. F646, Saddle pack, 12/2/02 (“near the 25 road and Hwy 191”).
8. AF510, Saddle pack, 9/15/03 (“near Snake Creek”)
9. m1159, Rim pup, 10/13/08 (found along FR25 not far from Reno Lookout)

I ask you to:
– Prohibit ORV use in critical habitat for sensitive, threatened, and endangered species.
– Prohibit ORV use in or near Mexican grey wolf denning and rendezvous areas.
– Maintain large unfragmented, undisturbed blocks of forestland where no routes are designated.
– Reduce road/route density to below 1mi./mi.2 in important wildlife areas.
– Do not allow the use of ORVs off designated routes for game retrieval.

Send your e-mail to Travel Management Planning at asnftravel@fs.fed.us before the comment deadline of midnight, December 13.

National Forests belong to all of us, so you need not live in Arizona to comment.

Thanks for your help!

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