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Stop the War on Wolves Rider: Contact your Senator Today!

Senate Bill 1514, the Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation (HELP) for Wildlife Act, includes a War on Wolves rider. The rider would remove Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in the Midwest and further hurt wolves in Wyoming, it would override a recent appeals court ruling, and it would limit the ability of citizens to utilize judicial review. This sets a dangerous trend that can undermine all laws that allow citizens to hold the government accountable for its actions in a court of law. It would shield agency actions from review by independent federal courts, which is a fundamental aspect of all of our environmental laws.

Stop Attacks on Mexican Wolves: Contact your Representative Today!

The current House funding bill contains a rider that aims to drive wolves to extinction, including the Mexican gray wolf. The rider would block all funding for protections of wolves listed under the Endangered Species Act, including Mexican gray wolves. The recovery program would cease, and wolves would die without the support they need at this critical juncture. Congress should be funding this program, not trying to bleed it dry!

These two riders are nothing but shameless attempts to undue our Endangered Species Act, even though 90% of Americans support the law. They want to bring us back to the dark days before the Act, when species blinked out faster than we could count them. We can’t let them drag us backwards, just when Mexican gray wolves and wolves across the U.S. are beating extinction. We succeeded in stopping all anti-wolf riders a few months back—we need to do it again!

Congress Switch Board: 202-224-3121

Call your Senators today, tell them DO NOT SUPPORT the War on Wolves Rider, and to instead support SB 733, which contains many of the good provisions in SB 1514 such as Great Lakes Cleanup funds and funding for Chesapeake Bay.

Call your Representatives today, tell them DO NOT SUPPORT any anti-wolf riders to the budget.

Talk to them in person, at a town hall in August

Thank you, for all your hard work for wolves!

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