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Action Alert: This Endangered Species Day, Your Members of Congress Need to Hear From a Mexican Wolf!

With only 50 remaining in the wild, Mexican gray wolves are North America’s most endangered mammal. These wolves are our best hope for restoring the balance of nature to the Southwest’s wildlands and, once restored to their former role, can also bring significant economic benefits to rural areas through ecotourism.

But this year, the Endangered Species Act took a terrible hit with a rider that removed protections for northern Rockies gray wolves, and some politicians want to see the same thing happen to our struggling lobo population.

So for Endangered Species Day, we plan to remind our members of Congress of the importance of Mexican wolves and how critical their Endangered Species Act protections are, by changing our Facebook profile photos to gorgeous lobo pictures and posting our support for these amazing animals on their Facebook pages.

Please join us. It only takes a few easy steps to be part of this attention-getting action to save our wolves.

First, download a Mexican wolf image to your computer.  We have many beautiful wolf pictures available for public use here. Just right-click on the photo, click on Save Picture As, and save it to your computer.

Next, by Endangered Species Day (May 20), replace your profile photo with your wolf image. Simply go to your profile, click on your profile photo, click on Add a New Photo (on the right side of the page that shows your profile photos), click browse, and download your lobo to your Facebook profile photos. You should see it appear where your old profile photo was.

Now you’re ready to visit your members of Congress. Not all of them are on Facebook, but many are, and you can find them on Facebook here:
House Members

Senate Members

Once you’re at your Congress member’s Facebook page, just post a comment, something polite and clear, along the lines of:

With only 50 in the wild, Mexican wolves are the most endangered mammal in North America, but some politicians want to drive them to extinction. Please celebrate Endangered Species Day by committing to oppose any legislation or riders that would weaken Mexican wolves’ endangered species protections. Thank you.

You can also make this go farther by posting a link to this page, with an explanation of your new profile photo to your friends, and an invitation to join you.

That’s it. This simple action has the potential to bring the attention of elected officials across the country to the threats to the Lobo’s survival.

What better way to celebrate Endangered Species Day?


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