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Sixth Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest Results

We are happy to announce the winners of our Sixth Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest!

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade participated in the contest in teams or as individuals. Altogether, 105 contestants from around the world submitted 88 entries that included art or essays along with the names the contestants chose. From these, 18 names were chosen as winners to name the 18 pups born in 2017 who have been collared and recorded by the Mexican wolf interagency field team.

An additional 10 names were selected as runners up, whose name selections will be assigned to pups if and when additional pups are collared. The remaining entries all received honorable mentions.

The contest judges had a very difficult task. Entries were ranked based on a combination of the pup name, the art or essay, and the reason given for the name. It was evident that a great deal of thought, creativity and passion went into the entries we received. These young people and their teachers and parents give us hope for the future of Mexican gray wolves and we think that they are all WINNERS!

Names Assigned to Collared Pups Born in 2017

Prieto Pack
male pup 1678
Submitted by Olivia K.
6th Grade

Saffel Pack
male pup 1680
Submitted by Eleanor Wilhelm
5th Grade

Bear Wallow Pack
female pup 1683
submitted by Roseva D.
4th Grade

Saffel Pack
male pup 1661
Submitted by Anna B.
1st Grade

Tsay o Ah Pack
female pup 1674
Submitted by Josie Argyle
1st Grade

Elk Horn Pack
female pup 1668
Submitted by Mary F.
6th Grade

Mangas Pack
female pup 1664
Submitted by Andrew Smith
5th Grade

Hoodoo Pack
male pup 1677
Submitted by Saharah King
1st Grade

Sheepherders Baseball Park Pack
male pup 1667
Submitted by Nerissa Genocchio
3rd Grade

Baldy Pack
male pup 1672
Submitted by Ralph Nicholas King.
1st Grade

San Mateo Pack
male pup 1582
We received two submissions with this name.
Eliot P. — 6th Grade
Trinity Noel McLaney O’Bannon — 8th Grade

Hoodoo Pack
male pup 1666
Submitted by Zoe K.
6th Grade

Luna Pack
female pup 1684
Submitted by Ella P.
6th Grade

Luna Pack
female pup 1662
Luke Straube
1st Grade

Sheepherders Baseball Park Pack
female pup 1682
Submitted by Nimue Genocchio
1st Grade

Hoodoo Pack
male pup 1681
Submitted by Bria Shay Neff
5th Grade

Elk Horn Pack
male pup 1671
Submitted by Ian W.
6th Grade

Prieto Pack
male pup 1669
Submitted by Bella Mia T.
5th Grade

Names to be Assigned to Future Collared Pups from 2017
You can click the wolf pup names to see the actual entries.

Avlavis — Submitted by Kyle W., 6th Grade
Ceres — Submitted by Leo D., 6th Grade
Crescita — Submitted by Sam S., 6th Grade
Daos — Submitted by Alexandru L., Kindergarten
Filtiarn — Submitted by Kyle M., 6th Grade
Mowgli — Submitted by Daija M., 6th Grade
Okami — Submitted by Sebastian C., 5th Grade
Regal — Submitted by Jack D. Niles, 3rd Grade
Romulus — Submitted by Noah L., 6th Grade
Zoltan — Submitted by Bennett Straube, 1st Grade

Honorable Mentions

Alba — Submitted by Aiden M.
Anevay — Submitted by Harrison Straube
Avalon — Submitted by Team Avery V. & Lena C.
Balder — Submitted by Joshua P.
Bear — Submitted by Nathan C.
Boss — Submitted by Team Daniel H. & Zohar G.
Cheer — Submitted by Isis D-M.
Chipper — Submitted by Team Drolma B. & Sammy R.
Chito — Submitted by Nic R.
Cotton Candy — Submitted by Team Izabelle Blea & Elizabeth P.
Dientes — Submitted by Team Caden M. & Josh L., and Julius D.
Doci — Submitted by Ashlyn Gurley
Echo — Submitted by Kendra H.
Eco — Submitted by Morgan L.
Enchantment — Submitted by Team Rigsby T. & Stratton P.
Ensnare — Submitted by Emma B.
Epizón — Submitted by Lillie L.
Equanimity — Submitted by Team Daniela B. & Keiarra R.
Everest — Submitted by Lila K.
Flash — Submitted by Cole B.
Forest — Submitted by Team Aidan E. & Apollo P.
Gaea — Submitted by Cooper H.
Genesis — Submitted by Myles L.
Genie — Submitted by Team Mateo O. & Will B.
Gray — Submitted by Adam O.
Helado — Submitted by Will W.
Helig — Submitted by Team Marcos G. & Tyler K.
Hermes — Submitted by Noah S.
Honi — Submitted by Realtin H.
Howler — Submitted by Julia S.
Hunter — Submitted by Josh R., Malia R., and Solly L.
Kailah — Submitted by Jordyn Vicenti
Lago — Submitted by Team Abby M. & Alondra A.
Leechaa’I — Submitted by Samera C.
Mazs — Submitted by Ian M.
Naji — Submitted by Team Kyle M. & Rowan M.
Peligro — Submitted by Team William M. & Zander S.
Quarter — Submitted by Diego C.
Rachel — Submitted by Taylor H.
Ragnar — Submitted by Team Finnie C. & Kacl B.
Saki — Submitted by Freddie F.
Salju — Submitted by Team Amy Hinds & Liz R.
Sivi Vuk — Submitted by JT Z.
Sky — Submitted by Thomas D.
Sophie — Submitted by Pippa L. Heath
Timber — Submitted by Emma S.
Titus — Submitted by Connor T.
Twin — Submitted by Team Bennett & Luke Straube
Valentina or Valentino — Submitted by Team Amalia F. & Izzy J.
Vanilla — Submitted by Luke W.
Wizzard — Submitted by Satori A.
Yang-Gwibi — Submitted by Team Ben M., Daniel O., & Sam Y.
Yellowstone — Submitted by Ameya R.

For the most recent Mexican Wolf Blue Range Reintroduction Project Monthly Update with information about these pups’ packs, click here.

You can view all of the entries here:

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