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Mexican gray wolves are looking for a few good Packtivists!

Twenty years after they were reintroduced, Mexican gray wolves remain at the brink of extinction, with only 114 in the wild at last official count (2017). Many changes are needed to ensure the survival and recovery of these keystone carnivores. Right now is a crucial time to organize on a large scale for those changes.

We are looking for supporters who are ready to take the next step and fully engage in advocacy for Mexican gray wolves.

Our goal is to have packs of activists in key communities, dedicated to organizing for the wolves. If you’ll go to bat for the lobos, we will provide support, resources, materials and training in exchange for your time and commitment.  We have established lobo activist packs, or Packtivists, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona, and Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, Colorado.  We are working to expand the Packtivist program into Utah and other parts of the U.S.

Mexican wolves are under attack by politicians and special interests, including the secretive, extreme anti-regulation, anti-conservation, billionaire Koch brothers, who also fund the Tea Party. Anti-wolf bills are being worked on in the U.S. Congress and in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.

Elected officials who should actively support Mexican wolf recovery have not stepped up, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service feels no pressure to finish recovery planning, or to release enough wolves to save this rarest type of wolf from a second extinction in the wild. 

In this environment, the biggest threat to the lobo’s survival is the government’s failure to do what is needed to increase the wild population’s genetic strength and viability. Recovery Planning is stalled and the government is ignoring the recommendations of scientists by implementing a rule change that includes expanded provisions for “take,” meaning the killing, harming or removing, of these critically endangered wolves.

The same rule change also provides opportunities to aid wolf recovery by increasing releases of new wolves into the wild and expanding their room to roam, but we need to make noise, and lots of it, to make sure these positive steps are taken.

Dedicated activists are needed to help make sure that Mexican wolves have a strong voice in the key decisions being made about their future right now.

If you are passionate about Mexican wolf recovery and are ready to make a commitment to lead or assist with ongoing advocacy on their behalf — community tabling, writing letters to the editor, visiting and calling elected officials, organizing events, etc. — please contact us.

Send a letter of interest to info@mexicanwolves.org that tells us about yourself and why you want to advocate for Mexican wolves. Please include your full name, address, phone number, and any conservation, science, or animal protection organizations of which you are a member.

We can succeed in restoring Mexican gray wolves to their essential natural role if we work together to translate the overwhelming public support for wolves into action!


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