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Tenth Annual Mexican Gray Wolf Pup Naming Contest Results

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of our Tenth Annual Mexican Gray Wolf Pup Naming Contest!

Students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade participated in our annual Pup Naming Contest either as individuals or in teams. More than 100 contestants from around the world submitted entries that included art or essays along with the names the contestants chose.

From these entries, 12 names have been selected as winners to name the pups that were documented and radio collared by the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team in 2021.

An additional 5 names were selected for the pups born in 2021 to the Seco Creek pack. The Seco Creek pups are not currently collared, but their family is being threatened by politics, so we are monitoring their situation very closely and wanted to honor them with names that celebrate their important contributions to Mexican wolf conservation. You can read more about the Seco Creek wolf family here.

Another 13 names were selected as runners up. These names will be assigned to pups if and when additional pups are radio collared. The remaining entries all received honorable mentions.

Giving a name to a wolf pup is a way to honor that wolf as an individual with a special story to tell. Wolves are more than just numbers, and we want to celebrate the unique journeys that each wild wolf will have.

Once again, our judges are inspired by all of the amazing entries we received! We know the future of wild lobos is in good hands with all our young conservations watching over them.

Our thanks goes out to all of you!

Names Assigned to Collared Pups in 2021

Wild Wonder

Hoodoo Pack

male pup 2602

Submitted by Ariadne

1st Grade

Luna Flower

Hoodoo Pack

female pup 2603

Submitted by Aiden Hemphill



Saffel Pack

female pup 2694

submitted by Janie G.

1st Grade


Mangas Pack

male pup 2687

submitted by Asa Massatti

2nd Grade


Slade Pack

female pup 2691

submitted by Yaya B.

3rd Grade


Owl Canyon Pack

female pup 2588

submitted by Séraphine G.-F.

5th grade


Owl Canyon Pack

female pup 2589

submitted by Jesphira Jones

5th Grade


Owl Canyon Pack

male pup 2590

submitted by the Straube Brothers

3rd and 5th Grade


Owl Canyon Pack

female pup 2593

submitted by Tessa Kim

7th Grade


Point of Rocks Pack

female pup 2688

submitted by Chloe Hao

7th Grade

Nantl’ah Lightfoot

Point of Rocks Pack

male pup 2689

submitted by Kalla L., Dane Bolke, Teagan McCumber

7th Grade


San Mateo Pack

male pup 2636

submitted by Ethan Bartlett

7th Grade

Names Assigned to the Seco Creek Pack – These names are ALSO considered winners and are a special case for this year’s contest! The Seco Creek pups are not radio collared, but you can read more about their family and why we are watching them closely here.


Seco Creek Pack

submitted by Harrison Straube

3rd Grade


Seco Creek Pack

submitted by Asher A.

7th Grade


Seco Creek Pack

submitted by Faelyn Murray



Seco Creek Pack

submitted by Sydney P.

7th Grade


Seco Creek Pack

Submitted by Jonathan

3rd Grade


These names may be assigned to future collared pups born in 2021. Click the wolf pup name to see the entry.

Batādoggu– submitted by Simon T., James R., and friends, 7th Grade

Claw Strike– submitted by Summer B., Kindergarten

Gran Guerrero– submitted by Elaina Eckert, 5th Grade

Howls– submitted by Huck J., 2nd Grade

Juneau– submitted by Julian L., 7th Grade

Sakari– submitted by Cari U., 3rd Grade

Saltar– submitted by Ruth Glassman, 3rd Grade

See– submitted by Andrei L., Kindergarten

Supersiti– submitted by Oliver C. & Cameron Brown, 7th Grade

Wonder– submitted by Ayhan Solouki, 5th Grade

Woofers– submitted by Leif J, 2nd Grade

Honorable Mentions

Akela- submitted by Alexis S., 7th Grade

Akila- submitted by Davey S., 3rd Grade

Alfie- submitted by Mysha Butt, 4th Grade

Alfreeda, submitted by Mysha Butt, 4th Grade

Ash- submitted by Gabi Re’, 3rd Grade

Aspen- submitted by M.J. Messmer, 3rd Grade

Balto- submitted by Allison Parzych, 3rd Grade

Cherry- submitted by Olivia Chaidez, 3rd Grade

Dream- submitted by Rhiannon Golden, 8th Grade

Especial- submitted by Cam Abood, 3rd Grade

Fenrir- submitted by Greta C., 3rd Grade

Fenrir- submitted by Emma Hively, 7th Grade

Fang- submitted by Elle B., 3rd Grade

Forest- submitted by Tyson Nowicki, 7th Grade

Glory- submitted by Jax Hope, 3rd Grade

Graylie- submitted by Tyler Feldman, 3rd Grade

Hunter- submitted by Anik P., 3rd Grade

Isaiah- submitted by Wolf Lover, 6th Grade

Kylie- submitted by Aliaksei Karaliou, 3rd Grade

Leap- submitted by Savannah Stevenson, 3rd Grade

Lightening- submitted by Caroline Delano, 4th Grade

Lluvia- submitted by Arden P., 5th Grade

Maple-submitted by Kamren Abbott, 4th Grade

Mebh- submitted by Greta C., 3rd Grade

Nightingale- submitted by MacKenna L. Bergevin, 3rd Grade

Nuez- submitted by Laura Souccar, 3rd Grade

Pyro- submitted by Makoa Bowen, Evelyn Fisher, and friend, 7th Grade

Rainbow- submitted by Rhiannon Golden, 8th Grade

Richo- submitted by Dane K., 3rd Grade

Sage- submitted by Lauren S., 4th Grade

Sapnap- submitted by Rhiannon Golden, 8th Grade

Sienna- submitted by Isabella S., 4th Grade

Silver- submitted by Chad O. and Eric Pierson, 7th Grade

Songspirit- submitted by Leah Horney, 4th Grade

Tahoe- submitted by Adam Kunimoto, 3rd Grade

Tormenta- submitted by Riddick Eckert, 3rd Grade

Valentina- submitted by Scarlett Layton, 3rd Grade

Wolfie- submitted by Theresa Bennis, 6th Grade

You can view all of the entries here:

Kindergarten- 2nd Grade

3rd Grade- 5th Grade

6th-8th Grade

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