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Future Still Uncertain for Mexican Gray Wolf

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Recognizes Need For a New Recovery Plan

Mexican Wolf Biography #8

M806, Laredo: Captive-born Lobo Makes Good in the Wild

Mexican Wolf Bookmarks and Stickers

Download printable bookmarks and colorable stickers here.

Featured Mexican Wolf Advocate - Steve Robinson, Letter Writer Par Excellence

Steve has penned seven letters to the editor over the last 3 years.  He never misses an opportunity to speak up for our wolves.  He is an inspiration for all of us!  Pick up your pens (or start tapping on your keyboards) and let's keep wolf issues in our papers.

Springtime is puppy time

Mexican wolf packs, after spending the winter following herds of elk over long distances, are getting ready to settle down to raise their puppies.

FWS Doubles Down on Effort to Recover los Lobos

Final Story in NY Times Lobo Series

Follow the Pack - March 20, 2010

Report From Middle Fork Territory

Great Letters to the Editor in Southwest Papers!

Lobo Supporters Weigh In

New York Times Article

A Decade on, Southwest Wolf Reintroduction Effort Faces Long Odds

Mexican Wolf Biography #7

F685, Anna, Part 3: Amazing Mom

North Rim wolf revival?

 GCWRP wants wolves to have freedom to roam

KTEP NPR Interview

Mexican Wolf Update


“Predatory Bureaucracy” author Michael J. Robinson

URGENT! ACTION NEEDED to save Mexican wolves!

Decline puts wolves on the brink of extinction

Stay Informed and Get Involved!

Lobos Need Your Support

NEW! Mexican Wolf Biography #6

F685, Anna, Part 2: Anna and Rocky

Fewer lobos in the wild

Follow the Pack Update February 11, 2010

Time for ranchers to stop slaughter

AZ Republic says “Enough is enough.”

Troubling Drop in AZ and NM Gray Wolf Population

Biologist promotes rescue strategy

Mexico to place 5 wolves near AZ

Reintroduction planned as early as this month

Mexican wolf population dipping

Officials say total from last year was down nearly 20%

Why top predators matter:

An in-depth look at new research

Second suit filed over wolf

USFWS Missed Deadline for Mexican Wolf Decision

Lawsuit Filed to Cut Through Red Tape Entangling Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery

Center for Biological Diversity Pushes for Stronger Protection for Wolves

No snow days for lobos

Follow the Pack Update January 26, 2010

NEW! Lobo Coloring Page

Mother wolf with pup by artist Sarah Rose (note: links have been fixed)

Mexican Wolf Biography #5

F685, Anna, Part 1: miracle puppy

Wolf biologists count wild lobos

 Follow the Pack Update - January 20

Feds sued over Mexican gray wolf petition

Finding Overdue on Greater Protections for Wolves

Help Stop Illegal Wolf Killings

Reward Information and Poster Available for Download

Wolves feed their neighbors

Follow the Pack Update January 14, 2010

NEW! Mexican Wolf Biography #4

M190, Paquito, early victim of livestock conflicts


Wild-born Mexican wolf to be released in the Gila

Follow the Pack Update January 4

In the field

Mexican Wolf Biography #3

M166, Rio, lobo pioneer

Legacy of a lost wolf

Mexican wolves remain one of the most endangered mammals in North America

Support wolf conservation efforts in Mexico

Wild releases of lobos in Sonora on the near horizon

2009 marks another deadly year for Mexican wolf

Bacho Pack alpha male found dead

Great Letters to the Editor in Southwest Papers!

Lobo supporters weigh in

Follow the Pack Update

See the most recent Mexican Wolf update

Mexican Wolf Biography #2

M60 and F37, Francisco and Sheila

Local pilot to fly Mexican wolves across country

Part of group that champions environmental causes

Amazing Recording of Wolf Howls!

Hear the Bluestem Wolf Pack in Arizona

Mexican Wolf Biography #1

F5, Nina: A reproductive cliffhanger

AZ Republic Editorial Supports Wolves

Lobos Succeeding in Spite of Challenges

Opinion – LA Times

Lessons from Aldo Leopold's historic wolf hunt

Guest Opinion-AZ Daily Star

Scientifically designed plan needed to recover Arizona's wolves

Back on the road to recovery

Settlement boosts wolf reintroduction

Follow the Pack Update

See the update for December 3, 2009

Lawsuit Warned Over Delay in Mexican Wolf Protection

Relisting process for wolves needs to move forward

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