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Arizona Action Alert!

Call Jeff Flake if you live in Arizona - February 24, 2017


Arizona Action Alert
Stop Extinction Legislation: Arizonans Call Senator Flake today!

Senator Jeff Flake (R - AZ) has introduced legislation that aims to drive the Mexican gray wolf to extinction. The bill would authorize states and the livestock industry to dictate the terms of the Mexican gray wolf recovery plan, rather than scientists. It would set an arbitrary cap on the number of wolves in the wild and require removal (likely through killing) of all wolves over that number. It would ban wolves from areas scientists have identified as necessary to their recovery, including the Grand Canyon. Most harmful, this bill would remove the Mexican wolf from the endangered species list once the terms of the politicized recovery plan have been achieved, even though they would still be biologically imperiled. The states would likely have little mercy on the wolves: New Mexico has blocked releases of wolves to the wild, Arizona has slow-walked releases and has long advocated for the destruction of more wolves (including in New Mexico). The last time Arizona ran the program, between 2004 and 2009, the wolf population declined.

Call Senator Flake today and tell him to abandon this Mexican wolf extinction bill!

Phoenix Office

Tucson Office

Washington, D.C. Office

Bills and riders aimed at stripping protections from endangered Mexican wolves put more than wolves in peril—they threaten all wildlife and the Endangered Species Act itself. The Endangered Species Act dictates that species recovery is guided by the best available science, not politics. A majority of voters in the U.S. support the Act and the recovery of the critically endangered Mexican grey wolf.